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Software Product Description

If you would like to execute one SQL query on several ODBC databases, then Query@WORK will come in handy. The lightweight application allows you to execute all types of queries on all databases with ODBC drivers, including MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

For example, whether you need to retrieve a given value using just a simple line of query or run a complex query for modifying data or generating multiple results on multiple instances, the tool will work equally well for you.

The application has a simple graphical user interface with menu and tool bars on the upper part. Below the bars, the user interface is divided into right and left panes: you list the databases you want to work on in the left pane and the query you want to run in the right one. You will see the result or results displayed on the lower part of the program window below these panes. If you have many results, you may let Query@WORK scroll automatically, and you will see the total number of results and the current position on the lower left part of the program window.

You may choose to view either all results or connections by selecting an appropriate tab on the lower left corner of the user interface. You can copy the result pane and see the edit menu.

There are 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Query@WORK, and you just need to download the one that is compatible with your system. The program installs easily and fast, giving you the option to launch it immediately after installation.