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Release Date:   2008-09-25

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Software Product Description

Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire is a unique classic-style adventure/role-playing game hybrid that was originally published in 1990 by Sierra On-Line. The remake features all new SVGA color graphics, enhanced digital music, and a Point-and-Click mouse-driven interface to name just a few things.


"Has Virus!"

Reviewer: -ItSucks

Review Date: 2013-06-27

Pros: lets you waste huge amounts of time and try to solve a malware problem on your computer.

Cons: Avast caught a virus in the uninstall.exe file that acted up on its own a day after I had uninstalled using windows. This file's ownership says "Unable to display current owner" and all attempts to take ownership and permissions for this file, that are supposed to work in windows, have failed. It cant be deleted, can't be quarantined, and can't be uploaded to the AV company. (Also, this game sucks and will waste huge amounts of your time attempting to try to find what you are to do in it.)

Other Thoughts: People who create viruses and malware or spread them around in downloads are total scum. It is an outrage that I got such trouble from this site that even serves anti-virus and security software downloads!

Let's see if the approval queue accepts this comment. You people will burn in Hell if you do this evil crap to people. Your day will come if you are knowingly sending malware! If this is a false pos then why cant I get ownership or permissions to get rid of it or even quarantine it, even after trying the normal means of getting ownership and permissions that most people would not even know about!


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