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Release Date:   2005-10-26

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Quick Info is a simple little utility that provides you with quick and simple access to your Microsoft Windows Product Key.

It was built due to our realising just how many people lose or do not receive, the COA (Certificate of Authenticity) that comes with Windows.



Reviewer: -The Vermin8tor

Review Date: 2008-01-12

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Other Thoughts: If a friend of mine left his genuine Chinese Win X P Home CD at my house and went elsewhere,and couldn't be contacted to get CD key from him,would this software help me to find what it is? No,I don't think so.i read that it will only find it if you have installed the copy,inserted the key but forgot it.As the key is only ever on the
C O A when you buy the copy of the O/S.It's NOT built into the disk in a hidden file.But can I insert another key or is it only able to accept the 1,original key?


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