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Release Date:   2020-03-28

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Quick User Manager is a simple but powerful user account management tool you can use in creating, deleting or managing your local PC user accounts. The free software analyzes a computer and then generates a list of the user accounts associated with the computer.

Using Quick User Manager

Since Quick User Manager is a portable program, we simply saved it in our desired folder and created its shortcut on the desktop. We could even carry it on removable storage media and use it on different computers.

The user interface was divided in two main parts: the left pane displayed a list of all available user accounts and the right one allowed us to configure a selected account. The buttons for managing accounts were on the lower part of the pane.

Creating a new user account was as easy as clicking the 'Create user account' button on the lower right section of the pane. Clicking it opened a window where we entered username and password and selected the account type. We also had the option to select an image we wanted to associate with the account, which we could place in the center of the screen, stretch to cover the entire screen or crop. We then clicked the 'Create account' button to complete the process.

Apart from creating a new user account, we managed to modify the existing accounts with relative ease. We simply selected the account we wanted to modify from the list and configured the desired settings on the right pane.

Pressing the 'Set password' button displayed a window where we needed to enter the current password, enter and confirm the new one before clicking the 'Apply' button. We could also remove account passwords.

On the upper section of the user interface were links for getting online help, refreshing the list of user accounts and getting information about the app. It also displayed the program version on the top right part of the interface.


Quick User Manager simplifies the process of managing the user accounts on your computer even if you have switched to a new operating system. The portable program has a straightforward graphical user interface that shows all its features.

Software Product Description

Quick user manager is a portable tool, featuring all user account management options in a simple, intuitive interface.


"Great tool for your security toolbox"

Reviewer: -Tom

Review Date: 2015-01-28

Pros: Show all login IDs that you are not aware of. Allows you to disable/delete them. Allows you to change the password or disable the password.

Cons: I can't see any negatives for this.

Other Thoughts: I found 2 guest-type login IDS and deleted them. They were nothing I had set up, so I wiped them out.



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