QuickEditor 4.0.3702.19745      

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License:   FREE

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Release Date:   2010-02-19  | Changelog

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OS:  Win 98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

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Software Product Description

QuickEditor is a free, small and light-weight notepad which is always ready for your input. If you do not need QuickEditor, it will hide itself in the left "screen-frame" and will stay there until you move your mouse-cursor to the left side of your screen. Then QuickEditor will instantly pop-up and is ready for your input. QuickEditor is designed to run always in the background and if you instantly need a place to put information in, you can use QuickEditor.

Why use QuickEditor instead of Notepad or something else?
Notepad is nice, but you always have to start if, if you need it. It is always there and visible in the windows taskbar. Most of the time you don't need it and inn most cases (if you need it), it is not started and not ready for your input. QuickEditor is different. QuickEditor started once on system-startup is always ready for your information. It is always on-standby "inside" the left "screen-border". You just have to move your mouse-cursor to the left side of the screen and QuickEditor is instantly visible and has the focus to grab your information.


  • Auto-hide into "left monitor-frame" if not used
  • Auto-hide timeout abjustable
  • Auto-restore on moving cursor to the left screen border
  • Tab support
  • Add unlimited amout of tabs for unlimited content
  • Remove tabs
  • Rearrange tabs by drag&drop
  • Rename tabs
  • Easily print contents
  • Powerful context-menu (available on right-click)
  • Use transparency for QuickEditor main-window
  • Automatic size-adjustion of QuickEditor main-window (depends on your personal screen-resolution)
  • Define transparency for main-window
  • Quickjump to a specific tab
  • Choose your own font (style, size, font) for content-textfields
  • Auto content-backup on program start
  • Create manual content-backup
  • Force QuickEditor to stay open
  • Minimize to tray functionality
  • Automatic check for updates on program start if internet-connection is available
  • Notification, if program update is available
  • Shortcuts to instantly perform actions (e.g. create new tab)
  • Content is stored in your personal documents folder

What's New in version 4.0.3702.19745:

  • [Added] Search function (Feature request from Anthony H. - 2010/01/26)
  • [Added] Context-menu entry to donate using PayPal
  • [Added] Resizeable window (south-west direction)
  • [Added] Opening timout (no more opening for mistake) (Feature request from CTC - 2010/02/08)
  • [Improved] Tab-rearrangement (no more flickering)
  • [Improved] Tabulator-key is now supported in textfields
  • [Improved] Silent update-installation
  • [Improved] Startup-duration if no internet-connection available
  • [Improved] Context-menu
  • [Improved] Selecting text will not close QuickEditor anymore
  • [Improved] Auto-Hide timer from 0.1 to 10 seconds (Feature request from Timothy T. - 2010/01/25)
  • [Improved] Saving/Loading behaviour of content-files (Bug report from Claus D. - 2010/02/02)
  • [Improved] Miscancellous bugs fixed