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Release Date:   2005-05-27

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QuickPar is a utility for creating Parity Volumes using the Reed Solomon algorithm. Parity Volumes may be used to verify that a set of files have not been corrupted, or to reconstruct damaged files (providing that you have a sufficient quantity of Parity Volumes to match the missing or damaged files). QuickPar uses the PAR version 2.0 specification.


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Reviewer: -Mike

Review Date: 2009-04-05

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Other Thoughts: I know that this program is typically used for recovering broken files on Usenet. But I use it for a different and more useful purpose. Typically when you burn a CD/DVD you have a fair amount of unused space. This is where QuickPar comes in, I use up the remaining space with redundant data. So now if the CD/DVD gets scratched, I can still recover the important information on the CD/DVD


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