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Software Product Description

QuickSharp is a minimalist C# IDE for Microsoft .NET Framework. It includes a sophisticated code editor with code completion, syntax coloring and code-folding, built-in compile and run, and support for ASP.NET and SQL Server, MySQL and SQLite databases.


  • create source code with the built-in editor featuring syntax colouring, code-folding and Visual Studio-style docking windows,
  • get instant lookup of class and namespace members using Code Assist,
  • compile programs from within QuickSharp; warnings and errors appear in the output window for instant location within the editor,
  • build EXE and DLL files automatically; no need to configure the compiler target,
  • run programs directly from the editor and capture the output in QuickSharp's Output window or run in a separate window for interactive use,
  • use 'embedded' file options to control compilation and runtime behaviour; run shell-based commands at all stages of the build process to perform related tasks,
  • perform simple file management tasks from the Workspace such as opening, renaming and deleting files and folders,
  • add additional build tool configurations, including Mono and older Microsoft compilers,
  • compile intermediate language and XML resource files from within QuickSharp using the built-in ilasm and resgen integration,
  • use Find in Files to search files in the Workspace,
  • use the Regular Expression Helper to develop regular expressions,
  • explore the .NET Framework with the Object Browser,
  • develop your own features and enhancements using QuickSharp's plugin architecture.
QuickSharp includes all you need to write, compile and run programs for the Microsoft .NET platform using the C# programming language. It provides a simple but complete integrated development environment (IDE) for Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP.

QuickSharp works with Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5; if you're a Windows 7 user you already have everything you need. XP and Vista users may need to download the latest version.



Reviewer: -Steve

Review Date: 2010-02-13

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Other Thoughts: QuickSharp is designed for 32-bit Windows but can easily be made to work on Win64 by downloading an update file from the QuickSharp website. See for more information.


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