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Reviewed on April 28, 2013

It is important for parents to understand and have control over what their children do online. They should monitor how the children use the Internet instead of either leaving them to do whatever they want or trying to stop them from going online all together. To accomplish this, they can set suitable time limits in addition to protecting the kids against harmful content. Qustodio is a powerful parental control program that is also easy to set up and use.

Qustodio Features

Qustodio works as a web blocker and Internet filter to help children stay safe online from all angles. While some programs only block the homepage, Qustodio blocks all pages of a dangerous website. It filters web searches and removes harmful content before they get displayed. It also monitors social networks that children are especially fond of.

Parents will have the opportunity to determine who their children interact with and the types of content they share. They will know whether the kids are doing their homework or merely engaging in recreation, which will help them customize appropriate time limits. They can receive instant notifications whenever the kids visit potentially harmful sites.

Why We Recommend Qustodio

There are a number of things we liked about Qustodio, starting from the fact that we could use it across multiple devices ranging from computers to smart phones running different operating systems.

We also liked the idea that we could track different children using the same program. We could even customize the software differently for each child.

The Activity Summary tab allowed us to choose whether to get daily, weekly or monthly reports. That was where we also monitored how long the in-house testers used the computer. We were able to see lists of applications they used and how long they used each application. We also received a list of all the search terms they used when they were online. We even compared the time they spent using different devices.

The user interface includes other tabs for Activity Timeline, Web Activity, Social Activity and Rules. Since the dashboard is web-based, we could access the details from anywhere so long as we had Internet access. We could even set restrictions remotely from the online portal. We found it relatively easy to scan the graphs and charts irrespective of the device used.

We set the Internet filter to block different websites based on their categories and were even happier that the program could block harmful websites that had not yet been categorized. We chose the applications to block, including games.

No parental control program will reap the required results if the children to be monitored can see it. Qustodio runs invisibly in the background without raising any suspicion. The program is available for free download but if you want to get the most out it, you can upgrade to the premium version.

Software Product Description

Free parental control.