What's New in version 6.1.5

  • New: real-time scroll through the database via the scrollbar making it easier to browse
  • New in Inquiry: selectable field o inquire; Inquire Info-Field only (and not just
  • all fields) save the inquiry results
  • New: quick save F12 shows progress during save (so the user can see it has been saved)
  • bug fix: when auto-loading database (MRUDs) then F12 or Save As gave new database\" instead of the opened database filename
  • bug fix: unable to use the right-click context menu when selecting text in the first- & lastname fields
  • Import ready (module for importing Excel/DBase CSV-files to be coded in the near future)
  • Several cosmetic changes, improvements and debugging
  • CaLeAg v1.1: New: Find; find any text in the calendar. Today button did not refresh display; fixed