RVX Manager 1.0      

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Release Date:   2008-08-01

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Software Product Description

RVX Manager is a standard, open and flexible ERP solution with the ability to adapt to any business process and control the results with a minimal cost and effort.

More than that: it is free, as the best things in life.

RVX Manager implements standard business processes such as: inventory control, sales, purchases, manufacturing, financial accounting, human resources management, assets management. The standard business model applies to any commercial company with basic needs, but can be customized and extended for any customer needs.

As our experience proved us, many companies require to adapt the ERP system to their needs. RVX Manager is designed as an open system and can be customized and extended rapidly with plugins, special fields, documents, functions, reports and special software modules.

Depending on customer requirements complexity, these extensions can be defined by the user, provided as services by our company or by a third party software developer. In this way, the customer can adapt the system to its needs at a right cost and time.


"Exactly what i need"

Reviewer: -Steve Brown

Review Date: 2009-08-20

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Other Thoughts: I can check stock levels fast and provide customers info


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