3RVX 2.5      

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Release Date:   2009-05-08

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OS:  Windows XP

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Software Product Description

3RVX is a skinnable volume controller and display that supports alpha-blended skins, cool fade effects, drive eject notification, and a lot more.

It was originally developed to emulate the Mac OS X volume bezel on Windows, but has evolved to support more options and features.


"Duh! Winning!"

Reviewer: -Marmotking

Review Date: 2011-08-24

Pros: Functional and easy to set up. Almost perfect.

Cons: Some default combinations did not work with my mouse (MS X8), but I wanted to use different ones anyway, so no problem.

Other Thoughts: I'll be acquiring a mechanical kb soon and have been hesitating because of the loss of audio controls. This solves my dilemma without resorting to learning how to write and implement scripts, etc., I'm pretty stupid in that area. Skins are a nice touch, as is the easy custom screen placement. Thanks x 1000


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