What's New in version 2.14.155:

  • Fixed windows menu when using app indicator.
  • iCal recurring events are shown as read only single instances.
  • New editor window is not opened anymore if the user edits the same event twice.

What's New in version 2.13.1:

  • Weekly recurring tasks did not show due date correctly if the interval was greater than 1.
  • '!'-char broke the links.
  • Using 'W in time items moved the time to the first day of the week.
  • The current language is now stored as a string to settings so that it doesn't accidentally change when upgrading to new version.
  • The tooltip is opened always upwards if there is more room.
  • Changing months from keyboard works only if no modifiers (shift, alt, control) are down.
  • Added check to prevent redraw loop in task and event lists.

What's New in version 2.13:

  • Updated build-in languages
  • The editor shows the time zone if the event uses different than the calendar.
  • Event and todo editor shows indetermine checkbox for 'private' if the calendar doesn't define the value.

What's new in version 2.12:

  • 'No sound' option was reset to default alarm after refresh.
  • The end/due time was always read from the start time field.
  • Added possibility to define if the CalDAV server supports events, tasks or both.
  • Reading dates from RTM did not do timezone conversion correctly.
  • When smartly hidden the today window gets hidden if it doesn't show tasks and only the event list is empty.
  • The offline copy was not read immediately after startup.
  • Color mapping in Google Calendar did not work correctly when offline copy was enabled.
  • Reordering Google subtasks did not work.
  • Resetting the dismiss time for tasks was not actually removing the information from the ics file.
  • When multiple alarms are triggered at the same time the executable for each of them gets ran.

What's new in version 2.11.1:

  • Fixed a crash bug if another instance of Rainlendar was started.
  • 'Number of past days the list shows' was not working.
  • Reversing the sorting from the event list's context menu could not be done.
  • The font effects did not work for custom categories.
  • The tool buttons in the manager adjust tthe text width.
  • It was not possible tremove calendar selection on Mac if 'Allow multiple calendars' was enabled.
  • Exporting the events in the manager only worked if the list had selection. Now all events are exported if there is nselection.
  • The autocompletion works again in the category combobox.
  • The traytip does not gain focus anymore when it is shown.
  • Double click on the week or day view always created an all day event.
  • The reminders were not read correctly from iCloud with CalDAV.
  • The status image was not shown in the tray icon on Windows and Mac.
  • Executing lua from command line failed on Linux and Mac.
  • Creating a exception ta event in week view by dragging deleted the original event from Google calendar.
  • Writing events with nduration tiCloud failed.
  • Completing an alarm for non-recurring task in the alarm window did not dismiss it.
  • Removed hard dependency tthe gnome-keyring library on Linux.
  • Backup opened incorrect file dialog in Linux.
  • The value for 'Poll for changes'-setting in Toodledwas not read correctly.

What's New in version 2.10:

  • The exception days were not applied correctly with the CSV export.
  • The time for the events and tasks did not take into account the daylight saving time when exporting CSV.
  • Deleting tasks with subtasks didn't work correctly when done in the manager dialog.
  • Dismissing alarms did not work if the UID property had spaces at the end.
  • Rainlendar crashed if the root item in the active skin list was double clicked.
  • Toodledo start time was set to the due time when creating or editing the tasks.
  • Improvements to the Toodledo recurrence support.
  • Changing the status of a task in the change fields dialog did not work correctly.

What's new in version 2.9:

  • Enabled the 'Show in all desktops' setting in Mac (needed by Lion).
  • The due date for Google tasks changed to the previous day because of timezone conversion.
  • Newlines in the task description were not stored properly to Google tasks.
  • The Google calendar is only shown as the target if the events/tasks are actually read from the server.
  • Edit control was left visible when the window was hidden. This showed a small black dot on the desktop.

What's new in this version 2.8.1:

  • The time offset for the initial calendar wasn't initialized so if could contain a random value.
  • Creating events with the quick add near the end of the month sometimes caused invalid dates.
  • Deleting events from Lua script could cause a crash.
  • Transferring the backup files between different computers works better now.
  • Possibility to add custom audio as an alarm is now disabled for calendars which don't support it.
  • For performance reasons the alarm window will disable automatic updating if it containse more than 10 visible alarms.
  • Time offset now adjusts the weekday correctly for the weekly recurring events and tasks.

What's new in this version 2.8:

  • The to do list now takes the start/due time into account also when sorting the list.
  • Window variables with predefined list didn't work when localized texts were used. Fixed.
  • Week number in the week view wasn't adjusted by the "Week number delta" setting. Fixed.
  • Copy group adds postfix ".x.y" to the "id" for the copied items.
  • Old languages are removed from the config folder on startup if there is a newer one in the program folder.
  • CSV export wrote the first instance of a recurring event twice to the file. Fixed.
  • The operating system's default language is used automatically instead English on new installations.

What's New in version 2.7:

  • The message box after import and export caused a hang on Mac. Fixed.
  • The check for update in about dialog worked only if the update check was enabled from the settings. Fixed.
  • Added advanced option to show the time for the tasks when the list is sorted by due or start date.
  • Dismissing weekly recurring event's alarm could cause a hang. Fixed.
  • Added an API function to check if a calendar is enabled or not.
  • Dismissing alarm when the task was set completed didn't work. Fixed.
  • The included/excluded categories are now shown with localized texts.
  • Multiline texts which didn't have enough space to draw the ellipsis were drawn incorrectly.
  • The schedule scroll position is now remembered also if the calendar is refreshed.
  • Removed warning from the log when xml comments were used in the file.
  • Backups were written to the incorrect folder if the location of the config file was defined in the command line. Fixed.
  • Aero peek doesn't hide the edit controls anymore.
  • Calculating the last alarm for Outlook events could cause an infinite loop. Fixed.
  • Changes in the RTM tasks are now handled better when polling the server.

What's New in version 2.6:

  • Windows with edit controls moved incorrect place on Linux if copy transparency was used. Fixed.
  • The status field didn't work for Outlook tasks. Fixed.
  • Some monthly recurring events which spanned across the year end were not shown correctly. Fixed.
  • QuickAdd didn't always set the year correctly. Fixed.
  • If "Disable keyboard shortcuts" is enabled the menu shortcuts are not shown in the context menu,
  • Grouping events in the event list showed items twice if they defined a start time. Fixed.
  • Added #DATE# as the substitute for the buttons in the lists. The substituted date is a string in format YYYYMMDD.
  • Tooltips were not shown in the correct position for the url icons. Fixed.
  • Alarms are removed from the events with RECURRENCE-ID property because they set as read-only.