Rampage Media Organizer 1.3.9      

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Release Date:   2006-03-31

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Software Product Description

Rampage Media Organizer is a small tool that helps you organize you media (mp3,mpg,avi etc) files into seperate folders for each file depending on its file name.

First, Rampage Media Organizer scans your media folder for all files and loads them into a list. It examines the file name of the particular file, and tries to determine a folder name from the file name. If successful, the new folder name is added to the list along with the file name. If not successful, the file name is added without a folder name and you have the option to edit the folder name by hand.

You can also optionally remove files that you don't wish to include when the files are organized. After you are confident that the list is correct, click on 'Organize' & Rampage Media Organizer will organize the files for you.

Rampage Media Organizer also has a feature that will create a directory listing from a folder including all sub folders. You can access this feature by clicking on 'Export' beneath the organization list. D-Lister(Lite) is the sub program that performs the directory listing for you.

It is a small version of another program integrated into Rampage Media Organizer. You can use this feature before or after you organize your files, In fact you can use D-Lister(Lite) without using the organizer at all.


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