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Software Product Description

ratDVD takes a full featured DVD movie and puts it into a highly compressed .ratDVD container format file of about 1.x GB in size - while preserving all the features of the original DVD such as: Full anamorphic picture, seamless branching, multiple video angles, multiple audio channels, subpictures, etc.; Keep movie versions (Directors Cut, Theatrical version, etc.), Alternate story endings, making of, video commentary , cut scenes, etc.; Keep complete menus, navigation and features; Reliable high quality, valid check-summed container.

You can also convert a .ratDVD file back to DVD format, burn it to a DVDR and watch the movie using a regular DVD player. It does not support copy protected media directly but it allows to use decrypted content (e.g. from DVD Decrypter, AnyDVD, etc.).

You can directly play back the .ratDVD file - with all the options the original DVD movie would give you. Just by double clicking without the hassle of having to handle different files or the need to use special programs.


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