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Release Date:   2021-04-15

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Reviewed on July 28, 2018

Are you sometimes frustrated by the way some games run on your computer? For example, do you need to lower your game settings to play CPU/GPU intensive games? To alleviate your frustration and enjoy a better gaming experience, you should consider Razer Cortex. This free PC optimizer works by shutting down system processes and services that are not associated with the resource-hungry game you are playing. You will no longer have to bother with adjusting or modifying game configurations because you will experience your games the way they are designed to be played.

Features and Functions

Boost Gaming Performance: Razer Cortex temporarily shuts down unnecessary applications and functions to release PC resources to the game being played. This helps to maximize frames per second.

Maintain PC: The program enables users to free up hard drive space and delete junk files, defragment games and make other tweaks. The 'Boost' tool automatically analyzes the computer and enhances configurations for the best performance.

FPS: Razer Cortex allows you to show the FPS while playing a game and will also generate a detailed chart when the game ends. You'll be able to view the average frame rate, the date the game was played, the playtime of the game, display resolution, and more.

Other functions include:

  • Cleaning RAM to increase physical memory
  • Intensifying processor performance
  • Enable CPU Core to efficiently use CPU resources for gaming processes
  • Disable CPU Sleep Mode to ensure your CPU works at its maximum performance
  • Enable game power solution to improve performance

Using Razer Cortex

The basic user interface of Razer Cortex gave us a list of processes, services, and noncritical processes we could boost when playing games. We could select specific processes we wanted the program to optimize or use the recommended settings.

The one-click function of the PC optimizer is a treat. Boosting your computer only requires a single mouse click. The 'Auto-Boost' feature is also handy as it will automatically optimize your game when launched.

The 'My Library' feature automatically listed all the games in our library. You can view your favorite games, the games you played this week, or all games. If the automatic feature didn't list all of your games, you can add games to the library manually. Additionally, you can launch your game directly from within Razer Cortex. You can also view a Dashboard for each game that displays your FPS Chart. From this section you can add the game to your favorites, remove the game from the library, edit the game details and launch parameters, and start the game.

The 'System Booster' feature includes an Optimize tab, and a My Rig tab. To optimize your computer, simply click the large 'Scan' button. This process will check your system for junk files, find items to be optimized to speed up your PC, improve gaming performance by defragging your games.

Prior to performing the optimization, Razer Cortex will show you an overview of the items it will clean, optimize, or games to defrag. You can select the items you want to be tweaked or removed, and simply click 'Optimize' when ready.

Under the My Rig tab, you'll view your hardware information. Details of your GPU, CPU, Memory, Current Resolution, GPU Driver Version, and Operating System are displayed. Additionally, you can generate a Diagnostic Report that will analyze your computer and provide extensive system details that you can copy or export to a text file.


  • Sleek design
  • Simple user interface
  • Fast boosting of games
  • Extra features to tweak and clean your system

Razer Cortex is a powerful PC optimizer that helps boost computer performance for better gameplay. There was a marked improvement when we played games using the program's recommended settings. As a bonus, the system booster function is not only for gamers, but for any user who wants to tweak their system.

Software Product Description

Razer cortex will automatically enhance the state of your system and focus all its resources purely for gaming.

Note: This download is the setup file that will download the entire program when launched. The total download size is 128MB.

Note: Requires free account which can be created from within the user interface.

Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.