What's New in version 2013.1 SP1:

  • Flip or mirror floating selection from context menu.
  • Image effect configuration windows use a different layout with configuration in a single column at the right side of the window.
  • Holding SHIFT while drawing with Pencil or Brush tools forces a straight line.
  • Pasting layer style applies the style to all selected layers.
  • Changing frame duration while multiple frames are selected sets the duration to those frames.
  • Use image in clipboard when filling with pattern.
  • Shrink/grow image mask by multiple pixels; bugfixes related to image masks.
  • Multiple bugfixes and enhancements related to vector images, text elements and shape outlines.
  • Speedups when editing images with a lot of layers and layer styles.
  • Customizable application name and splash screen.

What's New in version 2013.1:

  • Vector layers.
  • Shape tool for creating shapes from Bezier arcs.
  • Image brush now respects active color if the pattern is monochrome.
  • Polygon tool with configurable start shape.
  • Out-of-canvas content supported for both vector and raster layers.
  • Effects automatically remember up to 5 last configurations and allow you to return to them or to reset values to defaults.
  • Color picker and fill style selector were merged and simplified.
  • Redesigned tool configuration panels.
  • Two-column window layout with Layers panel on the left side and a new Media panel on the right side.
  • More types of downloadable media packs and easier application of downloaded styles.
  • Improved .psd import - vector masks are imported as vector layers.