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Release Date:   2008-10-08

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Software Product Description

Reframe It seeks to transform the nature of the public web by creating a virtual margin alongside any web page on which users can post comments to be shared with other users and read what others have written. Reframe It makes it possible for users to place any online material in a new light. It allows each user to benefit from the insights of other users who place specific online content in context and share their reactions in the form of online marginalia.

Reframe It is easy, accessible and empowering because it enables in-stream-of-thought commenting. It's useful for communities of people who interact around particular web content. It naturally accommodates disparate levels of engagement and is particularly well-suited to small ad-hoc communities networking around the task of interpreting a paragraph. Users time-shift their community engagement so that it naturally flows around efficient moments of maximal shared interest— the moments when community members are looking at the same sentence and reacting to it. This lets them engage their friends and colleagues in the natural course of their process of learning and thinking about the world.

Reframe It's social mission is clear: offer the public a space right next to the web where newspapers, bloggers, companies, governments, non-profits and individuals are able to hold one another accountable for the information they convey and withhold from the public. This lets people with relevant expertise confirm good information and it lets them challenge information which is inaccurate, misleading and deceptive so that the broader community of users will not unwittingly fall victim to it. The internet needs this level of transparency if misinformation is to be countered without being censored. As both a technology and as a community Reframe It seeks to respond to this compelling need by becoming the transparency engine for the web.