Remlap KnowledgeBASE v2.11      

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Release Date:   2006-08-29

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OS:  Win 98/ME/2000/XP

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Software Product Description

Remlap KnowledgeBASE is a free-format, text, images and digital objects database application. Employing an innovative system of Keywords Indexing, documents can easily be located at a later date.

Documents can easily be created within the editor, which includes many advanced features found in quality word processors. Including, Spell Checking, Microsoft Word style, Live Spell-Checking and Microsoft WordArt. Spreadsheets and charts can be displayed within a document and be linked back to the original file, in order to reflect any changes.

Remlap KnowledgeBASE is auto-configured for multi-user/network support and is therefore ideal for use in business, schools and colleges as well as meeting the needs of the individual/personal user.

Primarily designed as an educational tool for school and college students, Remlap KnowledgeBASE, while being easy to use, is flexible and powerful enough to meet with most demands. From lawyers, academics and journalists through to business administration and information dissemination across large networks.

While presenting the end-user with traditional and familiar interfaces, Remlap KnowledgeBASE provides support for the latest Internet technologies of information sharing. RSS Feeds and Podcasts can be linked into a document. Podcasts are streamed to the end-user via the integral virtual iPod player. With an increasing number of schools and universities releasing lectures and lesson-material as Podcasts, now students can link the original into their notes; a real bonus at examination revision time.

The exclusive KnowledgeBASE Resource Packets act as both a secure place for storing confidential or personal information and as a method of publishing additional material on a network, without fear of having the original material defaced or deleted. Image, audio and video files are further protected against unauthorized copying by being displayed in KnowledgeBASE's integral media player.

For users who require frequent use of Remlap KnowledgeBASE, we have developed a software conversion patch, which will convert the program into a System Tray utility. Also available as Freeware, this patch can be downloaded from the Remlap Software website.

On network nodes where full editing privileges are not required or not desirable, we offer KnowledgeBASE Browser. While incorporating all the powerful searching and filtering as seen its big sister, KnowledgeBASE Browser offers Read-Only access to databases. This may be particularly useful on school or university networks, where the risk of having data deleted or defaced is high. In common with all other software and services which make up the KnowledgeBASE Suite, this application is also Freeware.

Remlap KnowledgeBASE is fully supported and is provided by email, live chat, Skype and support forum.

As previously stated, Remlap KnowledgeBASE is available as Freeware. There is no registration, no advertisements, no adware and no spyware.


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Reviewer: -;-)

Review Date: 2007-04-30

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: ok!... when I review this software in Nov 2006 Remlap KBase v2.11 was realllllllly ssssssllllllooooowwwww just like me ;-D
Now there is new version KnowledgeBASE 2.21 and it has a lot of improvement. v2.21 can be downloaded from the software author website.
The author is asking small donation (min $15 / 15 / £10) to help out with the considerable costs of maintaining and further developing a project which is free of charge and free from adverts and other? unwanted crap.
Is it worth even one off donation?


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