Robocraft 1.18      

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Release Date:   2019-07-23

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Robocraft is a combat-based robot building game. It's much the same as the "World Of" series, but with the added twist that you can build your own vehicles. Want a walking tank? Robocraft has you covered. Want a weird flying robot jet? Just save up enough to earn the parts and you're there. This is a game for people who love to build and love to fight - at least, in theory. What you get out of the actual game is a little more complex, and unfortunately not exactly what you may have signed up for. If nothing else, Robocraft is a game of unrealized potential.

In some ways, Robocraft is better than it has a right to be. The game is infrequently updated and done so in a haphazard manner, yet has a solid player base. If you are lucky with random crates, you can build almost any robot that piques your imagination. Some of the creations are truly impressive, even if they don't fall into the game's current meta. Even some of the newer 'starter' mechs are fairly impressive in their own right, and they'll give you a good start in the game as you begin to plan your own builds.

That's honestly where the good things stop for this game. If you had looked in Robocraft a few years ago, you'd have seen a game that was largely balanced and player-friendly. Today's game, though, has eschewed much of its old design style in favor of bringing in more pay-to-win money. You must now rely on crates to randomly spawn parts, deal with constant upgrades that rarely have any balancing work done, and hope that the next upgrade that comes down the pipe won't completely invalidate your build. It's a nightmare scenario, albeit one that is all too familiar in the Early Access world.

It is, however, important to note that this game is still in Early Access on Steam. This means the game can theoretically change at any moment, and some of the most egregious errors could be fixed. According to most players, though, the game is far more likely to include game-breaking updates than those that fix existing problems. Whether this is acceptable for a game in its current state is up to you. Anyone who does buy the game must understand that it is not complete in its current state, nor is there a specified date of completion.

Is this robot building game good? It depends on what you're coming to the game for. If you are looking for good combat and a chance to build robots, it may be worth a play. If you are looking for something balanced and competitive, this isn't a game for you. This is ultimately a very casual game and one that won't use up much of your time. There's a good game lurking under the surface here, and hopefully a bit more development can bring it out. Only time will tell how good Robocraft can be.

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Free to play robot building game.

Note: This download is the installer file. The full game is 1.6GB.