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Release Date:   2016-09-03

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 Reviewed on August 17, 2016

It is advisable to place the programs that you use frequently where you can access them quickly and easily. Many people opt to place so many shortcuts on their desktops that they end up creating clutter. RunAs Taskbar is a lightweight application that will help you keep your desktop organized while you access your frequently-used programs easily.

Using RunAs Taskbar

RunAs Taskbar is a portable application that is downloaded in a ZIP archive. We extracted the contents of the archive to a folder from where we launched the executable file.

When we launched the software, it opened a small pop-up window on the lower right corner of our desktop, just above the System Tray. The application's settings panel allowed us to choose the way we wanted the application to appear, either as a window or taskbar. We accessed the panel via the context menu when we right-clicked the app window that appeared by default. Other features that we could set included window color, border color, transparency and whether we wanted the application to display a notification icon.

We added the programs that we wanted to access via RunAs Taskbar by clicking the "Add/Modify Button" tab under the Settings context menu. We did that by specifying the name of the program and its path. We could also optionally add parameter and icon path. We then launched the programs that we added by simply clicking on their names/icons.

We could run the program either with or without administrator rights. The advantage of running it with administrator rights was that we launched the added programs without having to give permissions every time, as they automatically started with administrator rights.

In addition to adding programs to the application, we could also include other types of files such as documents.


If you want to access your favorite programs and files quickly without cluttering your desktop, then RunAs Taskbar will prove a handy tool. The portable application makes it easy to launch even programs that require administrative rights without having to give permissions each time you launch a program or open a file.

Software Product Description

Free application launcher.