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Release Date:   2018-11-02

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on November 02, 2018

Allow users to run selected applications that require administrator rights

RunAsTool is flexible, portable freeware that allows non-admin users of a device to run a specific program with the administrator rights required for it to operate fully.

Normally, when a user cannot access functions of a program due to certain permissions required to do so, the administrator for the system has to use the command prompt to allow the user to run the program as administrator. However doing this takes up time for everybody involved and, on an ongoing basis, could leave the system open to security risks. RunAsTool solves the problem by allowing you to set the user up to run the program as administrator.

Portable RunAsTool runs from removable media

The useful little utility does not need to be installed on the system and does not leave files behind or modify the Windows registry. You just download and extract it and it's available for whenever you need it. You can save it on removable media to use on the go if necessary.

Upon launching, RunAsTool presents a Select Admin window where you enter your credentials to open the administrator user interface.

Separate interfaces for administrators and users

There are two user interfaces - one for admins and one for users. Standard users cannot access the admin UI.

1) With administrator access, you simply drag and drop the required program(s) into the admin UI, or select them via the File menu. Here you have a number of options.

Select the program from those displayed on the left-hand side of the interface. On the right-hand side, you select how it should be run - as admin, with defaults, or as limited user. There are also security checkboxes to prevent the user from attempting to change the program for which you are granting rights to an alternate program, and you have options to control the window status - show or hide, maximize or minimize.

To create a shortcut on the user's desktop, right-click the program to bring up the context window. Clicking the File menu, in addition to adding, removing or launching a program will give you access to importing or exporting a program list.

2) The interface provided to the user, to whom you have given the right to run the program involved as administrator, provides only two options - double-click (or use the File or context menu) to run the program or, providing you have allowed it, to create a desktop shortcut if it has not already been created.

Backing up your settings

To create a backup file and import it to other devices, first use the Export List feature in the File menu. This creates a .RNT file where the date is part of the file's name. You import this file via the command line using your administrator credentials.

RunAsTool is compatible with all versions of Windows and supports many languages in addition to English, including French, Spanish, German and Chinese.

Software Product Description

Launch any program as administrator without the need for the password.