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Release Date:   2008-12-02

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Software Product Description

Are you tired of all those annoying icons on your desktop? Do you want to actuality see the wallpaper that you spent hours searching for? Did you tried some launcher application that made everything even more complicated? Now you can make your life easier! We present you Runner. Small, fast and easy-to-use, Runner is made for everyday use, so it's as intuitive and fast as it can be. Once you get use to it you couldn't possible imagine life with ought it.

The concept is simple. Choose any path on your disc (application, directory or any other file) or any URL and assign command(s) to it. Then when you want to open that path or URL just type one of assigned command in Runner's auto-complete command line and press Enter. That's it. With the average of 3-5 characters per launch Runner is definitely the fastest and simplest way of launching your apps, files, URLs, etc.

Version info:


  • After numerous complains for "About box" popping up when trying to close or minimize some window we decided to quick fix this issue.

Here are some key features of "Runner":

Easy adding and editing:

  • Adding and editing shortcuts have never been easier.
  • You can add commands by simply dragging and dropping file or shortcut into add command window of Runner. If you drag and drop shortcut to this window Runner will automatically find its target and assign commands to it instead of shortcut file.

Built-in commands:

  • Manage everyday tasks easier.
  • Runner works through built-in commands created to help you manage everything from standard adding or editing shortcuts to tasks like delayed logoff, restart, or shutdown, getting your basic computer info or even web search. For example if you want to add new shortcut to the Runner simply type "add" to Runners command line and the "Add commands" window will appear. All built-in commands starts with "".

Web search:

  • Get quick access to Google and Yahoo web search.
  • You can search the internet directly from Runner's command line simply by typing 'g your_keyword' or 'y your_keyword' where 'g' is for Google and 'y' for Yahoo! search. The search results will be displayed in your default web browser. Simple notes

Manage your notes fast an easy:

  • Need to write down something fast and you don't want those sticky notes all over your desktop? Need a place where you can add some text you want to use or just read later? The idea behind the notes is simplicity. That's why we added only six features perfectly balanced between simple and useful.

Windows run:

  • Use Start Menu->Run... commands.
  • Runner comes with full support for Windows Start Menu->Runů commands. Type "calc" for calculator, "regedit" for Registry editor, "cmd" for command prompt window,... and those commands will be executed. You can type full path of some folder, file or application or even URL or drive name and Runner will execute them automatically. For more information about Start Menu->Runů commands visit CommandWindows web site.

Add shortcut (for developers):

  • Add shortcuts from your application.
  • If you are a developer and you want to add shortcut to Runner from your application you can do that via Runner command file. Runner command file has a .rcf extension. This extension is automaticly assigned to Runner so when you open it, Runner will add shortucts you specified.