SCWebCam 3.6.0      

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Release Date:   2009-04-22

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OS:  Win 98/ME/2000/XP

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Software Product Description

SCWebCam will function like a webcam, except will upload your computer screen instead of using a camera and taking a picture of you LOOKING at your PC screen. (If you have a camera, however, you can even integrate the video image into the capture!).


  • Automatic capture and FTP Upload with configurable timer
  • Tabbed configuration interface, and relatively human-readable error messages
  • Saves image as JPG or PNG with variable quality, size, and thumbnail functionality. (Or 24-bit BMP with sizing and thumbnail). Choice of several image resize engines to balance quality with speed, and image can be sized by percentage or absolute pixel size
  • Optionally minimizes to the system tray, with visible countdown and single-click pause
  • Detects screen saver, locked workstation, and logoff/shutdown, and can upload an 'offline' image at those times
  • Capture can run in several reduced priority modes to minimize the impact to your system - good for games!
  • Can automatically detect modem connections, and operate only when the modem is connected (experimental!)
  • Autorun and Autostart available
  • Text caption with selectable font, color and location
  • Ability to capture the Desktop (including translucent windows on 2k/XP), only the Active Window, only the Primary Monitor, and/or Still Video Frames from a Video-For-Windows compliant webcam or other capture device (such as TV card)
  • Optional preview window allows you to view a video source while still allowing SCWebCam to capture frames from it
  • Configurable bandwidth throttling on FTP upload
  • Ability to run in local mode without FTP upload step
  • Ability to automatically rotate a number of uploads on FTP server
  • Built-in WWW server - serve your desktop or even a small web page right from your own PC!
  • Full scripting system allows complete flexibility over the image processing and upload steps. Several sample scripts are provided for those not interested in writing their own.
  • System/Error Log capability produces a log of your computer settings in case you need to email for help - the author won't need to ask so many questions!
  • Context-Sensitive Help available - just press 'F1' for a description of the current form
  • Automatic Installer puts everything in the right folders and prepares the program for first run!
  • Password lockout feature allows you to lock the configuration for monitoring purposes!


"Thicker cost"

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Review Date: 2008-01-23

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Other Thoughts: I was trying this type a trial this is completely free!


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