What's New in version 10.1:

  • Bug Fix: Single-file install lines that were set to overwrite may have failed to perform overwriting in v10.0.
  • Bug Fix: The version detection in 10.0 did not correctly handle versions marked as beta.
  • Bug Fix: UI positioning problems in the Internet Update Module included with 10.0 when a reboot was required.
  • Bug Fix: Assorted Access prerequisite fixes. (1) Possible trouble correctly detecting some Office 2013 installations. (2) Incorrectly allowing for a download/install of a missing runtime if you required a specific bitness (i.e. 64 bit) and the opposite bitness of the same runtime was already installed. In this case it should have brought up a notice stating this problem since both bitness types cannot typically co-exist for the same version. (3) Possibly incorrect or invalid Access path determination when you required a specific Access version and did not allow later versions (not the default) when a later Access version was installed. (4) Access installs that required 2007 runtime or 2010 SP1 may have failed to install a runtime. This is because Microsoft removed those downloads from their site. To compensate, as of October 2020, installs that would have tried downloading a 2007 runtime now will download 2010, and installs wanting to download 2010 SP1 will instead download 2010 SP2. This is retroactive to previous SSE Setup versions. See Version Changes part of help file for further info on this.
  • New Change: The Access prerequisite is now set to require Access 2013 by default instead of 2007.
  • New Change: Support for running Microsoft Self-Extractor installer executables that need config.xml files to run silently.
  • New Change: Addition of 'ODBC Driver for SQL Server' as a provided prerequisite check.
  • New Change: Addition of Windows 10 Version 2004 to allow blocking install on.
  • New Change: More flexibility in using text in versions for Internet Update functionality.

What's New in version 8.7:

  • Bug Fix: Corrupted installs in v8.x when installing to a folder that already contained program files and user was forced to choose a different install folder.
  • Bug Fix (Internet Updater): The Internet Update Module in v8.4-8.6 may have failed on large downloads (2GB+) when it should not have.
  • Bug Fix (Internet Updater): The Internet Update Module in v8.6 incorrectly blocked some filenames (and changed to a generic one) that it did not need to.

What's New in version 8.5:

  • Bug Fix: Uninstalling patches or programs when run by a non-admin as an admin on Vista+ might have been problematic in v8.4.
  • Bug Fix: The installing window on the Classic GUI / Patch GUI was missing its message in 8.x.
  • New Change: Updated Classic GUI / Patch GUI disclaimer/license window to use the same methodology as the wizards in agreeing to the text.
  • New Change: Added an ACLSHOWERROR manual editing setting to block an ACL failure message from showing.

What's New in version 8.4:

  • Bug Fix (Booster): Single-file install line file attributes in v8.3 might not have worked correctly in Booster.
  • Bug Fix: Problems dealing with In-Use System files that needed a reboot.
  • Bug Fix: The Internet Update Module may not have shown its animation when running on Windows 10.
  • New Feature: Ability to use HTTPS servers as well as UNC Intranet paths with the Internet Update Module.
  • New Change: The Internet Update Module has been significantly improved.
  • New Change: New projects are started with SHA256 signing algorithm setting by default instead of SHA1.
  • New Change: Added the technical ability for you to override the SSE Setup controlled URL's for the provided Access prerequisite check (but it's complicated and shouldn't normally be needed).

What's New in version 8.3:

  • Note: Starting with v8.3, XP & 2003 support for installing SSE Setup itself has been droppedYou can still create installers that run on 2000/XP/2003, but actually installing SSE Setup itself now requires Vista SP1 as a minimumThis wasn't an arbitrary decision - there are several technical reasons for thisAlso, display resolutions lower than 1024x768 are now blocked from installing SSE Setup itself (created installers still support lower resolutions).
  • Bug Fix (Booster): The Booster project editor may have crashed when testing or saving a project if it had a newer file in the local project folder than existed in the source folderOnly applies to v8.0 and greater.
  • Bug Fix (Booster): The Booster project editor would have given a warning on MSACCESS.exe shortcuts when your project was an Access project that was started with the Access with command-line template.
  • Bug Fix: For Access projects, Access runtime service packs may have not been detected correctly for 64-bit Access.
  • Bug Fix: For Access projects, Trusted Locations only worked for the user running install.
  • Bug Fix: NoUAC shortcut setting fixes.
  • Bug Fix: An ssepatch.dat file could potentially have been left behind after an upgraded install was subsequently uninstalled in rare situations.
  • New Feature: Ability to only apply certain settings/execute certain statements only on certain OS's or OS types.
  • New Feature: Long paths (> 260 chars) are now supported.
  • New Change (Booster): The Booster project editor has been significantly updatedChanges include a larger windowsize (larger footprint), smoother graphics, significantly improved filehandling speed, much improved Install Files & Upgrade Files (Upgrade:copy) pages, and some bugfixes.
  • New Change (Booster): The Install Files page now uses the right-click menu to set flags for a line and the Advanced Install Files option in Booster Preferences no longer exists.
  • New Change (Booster): The Upgrade:copy page is now named Upgrade Files and offers much clearer help and information on how to use it.
  • New Change: File attributes can now specifically be set in Setup.
  • New Change: The manual-editing REGISTRATIONMODE setting has been removed.
  • New Change: Non-admin users when installing as themselves will now default to installing under App DataLocal instead of App DataRoaming, when they can't write to Program Files.
  • New Change: Added Version 1709 (Fall Creators Update) as a new known OS version to allow blocking install on for both Windows 10 and Server 2016.
  • New Change: Added .NET Framework 4.7.1 as an available prerequisite to require.
  • New Change: Added Visual C++ 2017 runtime as an available prerequisite to require.
  • New Change: Added Access 2010 SP2 as an available Access version to require in the Access prerequisite.
  • New Change: The Internet Updater can now optionally work with webservers operating on a different HTTP port than 80.
  • New Change: VB runtime has been removed from install package (but can still be optionally downloaded)

What's New in version 7.8:

  • Bug Fix: Acrobat prerequisite functionality failed to work correctly with the latest 'DC' version.
  • Bug Fix: Possible, though unlikely, lost upgrade data in the case of a failed upgrade.
  • Bug Fix: In-use files with long filenames that were attempted to be overwritten during a patch or upgrade procedure and required a reboot might not have been correctly overwritten.
  • Bug Fix: Uninstaller-related issues with files that were overwritten during install but are in-use.
  • New Feature: Added 5 date/time keywords that can be used anywhere in your settings file.
  • New Feature: Ability to close any process before installation commences for Upgrade or Patch installs.
  • New Change: Overhaul of underlying Digital Signature functionality including adding SHA-256, dual-signature, and potential Extended Validation/EV cert support.
  • New Change: Addition of SQL Server Native Client prerequisite preset.
  • New Change: Addition of Access 2016 to Access prerequisite preset functionality.
  • New Change: Addition of PowerPoint prerequisite preset.

What's new in version 7.7:

  • Bug Fix: When a Non-Admin ran install as an Admin, your program might have incorrectly been started under the Admin context.
  • Bug Fix: When a Non-Admin ran install as an Admin, your program might not have taken admin specific upgrade data into account
  • Bug Fix: A 64-bit patch install might not have detected any versions to patch.
  • New Change: You can now specify to run a program as a non-admin user when the non-admin is running install/uninstall as an admin.
  • New Change: You can now have No UAC shortcuts created even if a non-admin is running install as an admin and the non-admin profile is being used.
  • New Change: New .NET Framework 4.6 and 4.6.1 prerequisite ability.
  • New Change: New Visual C++ 2015 runtime prerequisite ability.

What's New in version 7.6:

  • Bug Fix (Booster): When only allowing install on specific service packs of an OS, the OS settings may have gotten messed up on project save.
  • Bug Fix: When requiring .NET Framework 4.5.1, it may not have been seen as existing if .NET Framework 4.5.2 was installed.
  • New Change: Improved Windows 10 & Server 2016 support and ability to block install on them.
  • New Change: Improved Access deployment. When starting a New Project, if you select your Access file as your main program, it will configure Setup to be more Access-friendly. I've also updated the Access help to provide clearer start to finish instructions.
  • New Change: New .NET Framework 4.5.2 prerequisite ability.
  • New Change: Better uninstall command-line support.

What's new in version 7.5:

  • Bug Fix: Various problems with the Access and Visual C++ prerequisite checks.

What's new in version 7.4:

  • Bug Fix: Taskbar progress bar incorrectly shown when progress bar disabled.
  • Bug Fix: Temporary 'not responding' window during some operations.
  • New Feature (Launchpad): Easy backup and restore of projects and easy ability to share projects with other SSE Setup users.
  • New Change: Visual improvements in Setup. This includes better default scaling operation (with smaller font sizes for many common resolutions by default), reworked missing prerequisites window, and improved install folder selection window.
  • New Change: Program version & size are now automatically written for display in Windows' Add/Remove Programs (Uninstall a Program) interface.
  • New Change: New Visual C++ 2013 runtime prerequisite.
  • New Change: Minor 'Classic' UI improvements.

What's new in version 7.3:

  • Bug Fix: Registry 'Delete Value' command would not have worked during Setup unless 'Delete Key' also used.
  • New Feature: Easier Microsoft Access deployment with automatic runtime download links. SSE Setup greatly simplifies Access Deployment - it handles the complicated runtime situation, trusted location stuff, and more with ease!
  • New Change (Booster): Page order is more logical.
  • New Change (Booster): 'Smart' option removed from Software Prerequisites 'if conditions are not met' dropdown. What was the 'Smart' option now shows as 'Allow user to download/install from within Setup' and it now operates the same as the former 'Smart' option.
  • New Change: You can now specifically run any Registry/Uninstall Registry statements in either 32-bit or 64-bit registry on a line-by-line basis.

What's New in version 6.5:

  • Bug Fix: Various 64-bit install fixes.
  • Bug Fix (Booster): The Default Text portion of the Language page might not have retained changes when the 'Load from File' button was used.
  • New Change: Additional pre-set prerequisite you can select of 'Visual C++ 2010'.

What's New in version 6.4:

  • Bug Fix: Potential crash on domain-connected computers with v6.3

What's New in version 6.3:

  • Bug Fix: Random uninstaller and Setup crashes on Win 7. Both the uninstaller and Setup occasionally randomly crashed under Windows 7/2008 R2. It strongly appears that it was actually due to a random Windows 7 memory management bug with a specific memory management API call that SSE Setup was using, rather than a bug in SSE Setup itself.
  • Bug Fix: Upgraded files might have been deleted if the upgrade failed or was cancelled.
  • New Change: Japanese translation has been further improved.

What's New in version 6.2:

  • Bug Fix: Fixes relating to the Patch Stub. (1) Starting with v6.1, when using the Patch Stub, sometimes your resulting patch distributions were invalid (received error message about missing SSEset.dat when trying to run) - this only occured sometimes. (2) a long standing issue where sometimes trying to run an EXE patch distribution would result in an \"elevation required\" type of message on Vista/2008/7 OS's.
  • Bug Fix: Some externally run MSI installs (including some .NET Framework prerequisite installs) would not install.
  • New Change: EXE distributions now load Setup a bit quicker.
  • New Change: Japanese translation has been improved. Still in progress, but much better than it was.