SSuite NetVine LAN Suite 2.6.3      

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Release Date:   2019-05-27  | Changelog

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People are generally prepared to take any possible measure in a bid to protect their privacy online where different groups of people seem intent on snooping on others' personal data. Personal security is especially crucial in today's world where both unscrupulous hackers and governments try to intercept all types of communications, including e-mails, instant messages and social media accounts. SSuite NetVine is a revolutionary program that provides all-rounded protection in local area networking environments.

The software integrates stand-alone communications processing in environments using either LAN or Wi-Fi. This means users in a local area network do not need to use the Internet to communicate.


  • Fully portable
  • Offers full dynamic network search
  • Provides instant messaging to everyone on a local area network
  • Direct and fast voice mail and text transfers with blind carbon copy
  • Direct and fast transfer of documents with blind carbon copy
  • Establishes server-less connections over both Wi-Fi and LAN networks

Using SSuite NetVine

You can run SSuite NetVine on any Windows system so long as your display size is at least 1024 x 600 and you have a USB memory device. You do not need Microsoft .NET Framework or Java to run the program. Of course, the program must be running on the computers connected to your Wi-Fi or LAN network to send and receive communications.

We needed to launch the software with full administrator rights for it to run without a hitch. It opened a small window, which we dragged where we wanted it to stay during the initial launch, and it remembered the location when we launched it later. The window had tabs for instant messages, e-mail, file transfer, inbox and exiting the program respectively.

Clicking a tab displayed a larger window with relevant details and text boxes for the section. Each section had a Settings button that we used to configure it to function as we wanted. In the IM settings, for example, we typed our desired call name and appropriate port. We also had the option to let the program flash and/or beep when messages were received.

The list of online clients was displayed on the left part of the user interface, and we could update it at any time by clicking the Refresh button. The e-mail section let us preview messages before sending them.

The file transfer portal allowed us to send either quick text or voice mail. The interface was divided into panes that let us view the files we wanted to send and those we received simultaneously.

Our Inbox simultaneously showed us instant messages, e-mails and files received. The messages included client names and times received. The IMs displayed the messages, e-mails displayed subject while files showed paths to the received files.


SSuite NetVine protected our privacy by allowing us to communicate within our local area network while we were completely offline. An added benefit of offline communication was the fact that we did not have to pay anything. The user-friendly and fast program lets users take advantage of the existing infrastructure in their Wi-Fi or local area networks.

Software Product Description

SSuite NetVine is a fully featured, portable or desktop, server-less, communications suite for LAN and Wi-Fi networks.

SSuite NetVine is perfect for any home, home office, and even business office network environment. Get talking, communicating, and document sharing in no time fast and secure over your OWN LAN or Wi-Fi network!

Minimum System Requirements:

  • 1024 x 768 Display Size
  • Runs on All Windows systems - 32bit and 64bit

No Java or DotNet required, Green Energy Software, Saving the planet one bit at a time...