SSuite WordGraph Editor 8.48.6      

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Release Date:   2018-01-28  | Changelog

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OS:  Windows NT/2000/XP/7/8/10 (32Bit/64Bit)

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Software Product Description

SSuite WordGraph is a very useful, powerful, and easy to use word processor.

SSuite WordGraph Editor is a free and very useful alternative to Microsoft Word, OpenOffices Writer, or anything else out there claiming to be the latest and greatest. You dont even have a need for .NET or even JAVA to be installed. This will save you a lot of hard drive space and precious computer resources.

Use SSuite WordGraph editor for anything from writing a quick letter to producing an entire book with embedded illustrations, tables of contents, indexes, and bibliographies. SSuite WordGraph is a complete and powerful software solution for creating, editing and viewing various types of documents. You can create simple or highly structured documents include graphics, tables, charts, and insert spreadsheets you created with SSuite Accel spreadsheet.

A number of available features give you a fine degree of control over the formatting of text, pages, sections of documents, and also entire documents. You may also save your documents in a variety of industry standard formats and even export them to pdf, jpg, bmp, png, gif, and our own presentation format ssp.

Create PDFs without any additional software. Use the built-in PDF capabilities of SSuite WordGraph to share your work easily and with everyone! Adobe Acrobat is NOT required to create these handy files. Now, its easy to turn your Word documents, rich text and presentations files into PDFs.

Designed to give you the finest document-formatting tools, SSuite WordGraph helps you organize and write your documents more efficiently and much faster with the help of our new and more colorful interfaces that are no more than three-levels deep.

SSuite WordGraph is everything you would expect from a word processing application. It is fast, reliable, pleasant to the eyes and senses, simply everything you need to manage your everyday correspondence. Useful features and functions assist you in writing serial letters, printing envelopes, or even help in finding spelling mistakes in several different languages{seven dictionaries included - American, British, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish}.

Available Features:

  • Thumbnail previews.
  • Direct cloud access.
  • RTF raw code editor.
  • Tabbed document interfaces.
  • Direct Online document conversions.
  • Create Word-Art and Math Equations / Expressions.
  • Now also Multi-Display Compatible - {Dual Monitors}
  • Export your documents to PDF, PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP, EMF, TIFF and SSP.
  • Create presentations that are viewable in any web browser and SSuite Photo album viewer.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • 1024 x 768 Display Size
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Windows NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 -- 32 bit and 64 bit | Linux + Wine 3.0

No Java or .NET required, Green Energy Software! - Saving the planet one bit at a time...


"A few bugs"

Reviewer: -Dan

Review Date: 2010-09-26

Pros: Nearly a full functioned word processor, with many cool features.

Cons: A few bugs stand out, the biggest of which so far is after setting a document to double space, then running a spelling check, it resets all text back to single space. This happens every time I do a spelling check.

Other Thoughts: None


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