SVERDYSH-HTML Editor 9.0      

Size:  4.66MB

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Release Date:   2013-06-25

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OS:  Windows 9x/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7

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Software Product Description

SVERDYSH-HTML Editor is British HTML and CSS editor, absolutely free for use and distribution. It is an excellent website maker, very handy both for professional webmasters and novices. It allows you to create websites of any complexity for yourself and for your clients.

Being so powerful, still the size of the program is so small (3.78MB), that you can easily keep it on the key ring flash-drive, thus being able to create websites in internet cafés etc.

It complies with the standard of SVERDYSH: 'usage without instruction', which means that the controls of a program must be self-explanatory and straightforward to use. SVERDYSH-HTML Editor was designed in such a way that you do not even need reading help file to start using it. You just open the program, have a look at the menu bar – and everything is crystal clear for you. Ten most frequently used commands buttons are operated by buttons.

Nevertheless, a thorough and richly illustrated manual, consisting of six chapters, is included into help menu.

The editor offers you a lot of handy tools for coding and more than that, you can create your own tools with the help of the Toolmaker incorporated into the program. SVERDYSH-HTML Editor is the coders' heaven saving your time, releasing your creative energy and making you feel more like a designer than a coder.

Features of SVERDYSH-HTML Editor: default template, home page creation wizard, child page creation wizard, font formatting control, text formatting controls, image control, hyperlink control, table control, layout controls, background color control, color control, CSS modules, list controls, ASCII control, frame modules, sound controls, video controls, multiplication controls, marquee (running line) control, Toolmaker control (database supported), collection of background images etc.


"That's what we needed!"

Reviewer: -RonnyLeister

Review Date: 2011-08-17

Pros: For out business we needed some robast, simple and very reliable editor for creating and modifying our websites. We had tried a lot of them, but we came across Sverdysh-HTML Editor, and discovered thet this is the imbodiment of what we were looking for! It is incredably practical and easy to use. Very handy tool!

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: None


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