SVERDYSH Installer Builder 8.5      

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Release Date:   2013-11-28

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OS:  Windows 2000/Vista/7/8

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Software Product Description

SVERDYSH Installer Builder creates custom installers for applications.
The resulting file is a single exe Setup program, integrating all included folders and files of the application. This Setup is created in a directory specified in the box "Output setup folder".

Just to remind you, an installer is a (no doubt, familiar to you) setup wizard with several windows, normally operated with "Next" and "Finish" buttons.
A setup file is like an icon of this wizard.
Thus, double-clicking the setup file opens the setup wizard (i.e. installer). The words "installer" and "setup wizard" are synonyms.
Hence, SIB could with the same success have been named "Setup Maker" or "Setup Wizard" or "Setup Builder" or just "Installer", everythind would be fair!

To create an install (i.e. a setup file), you have to fill in input boxes (SIB has eight input boxes) and then press "Build install" button to make things happen.
To see the resulting setup file, press the "View output" button.

The good news is that only one box (the rosy one), named "Application exe file" is mandatory for filling in, the rest of the boxes may be left blank, and a setup file will be created any way in My Documents directory, in "SETUP-FILE" folder.
But the more boxes you fill in, the more control you gain over the setup file and installer.

To test SIB, you are offered two applications (GUI and console): "Examples" menu.
If you do not have your own icons yet, you can get them made in My Documents: "Icon library" menu.

Important: The custom image of the installer is big enough to contain your logo, your advertisements and any other promotional material, do not miss out this chance! Please read the help file of SIB.

The interface of SIB is so user-friendly, straightforward and intuitive, that you will not even need any instructions to start immediately creating setup files.


"SVERDYSH Installer Builder 8.4"

Reviewer: -Alfred

Review Date: 2013-12-08

Pros: Very easy to use. Modern look.

Cons: On each use, adds a new process to Task Manager > Processes

Other Thoughts: For me, the best standalone.exe setup creator.


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