SVERDYSH Publishing House 10.0      

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Release Date:   2013-07-24

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Software Product Description

SVERDYSH Publishing House software offers solutions to writers, publishes books free of charge and immediately. It is a converter from .txt file format to .exe file format.

It allows to publish a book immediately, literally in seconds. Any number of illustrations and photos in any image formats can be attached to the book, and can be viewed with the help of an image viewer which is a part of the program.

How it works in nutshell?

First, you should prepare a copy of your manuscript in .txt format, Unicode of UTF- 8. Once this text is compiled, it becomes a standalone executable, which implies that it can be used everywhere, just click on the icon of the exe file and it is opened.

Such EXEs (otherwise called binary files) can be distributed or sold with no restrictions. The compilation process creates an executable file.

The very procedure of publishing is extremely simple. For example the manuscript is called, My Memoirs.txt. Then the program, after a couple of mouse clicks, will produce a copy of your book as an .exe file, bearing the same name as manuscript, e.g. My Memoirs.exe. This .exe file is supplied with an icon of course, which you can change for your own custom icon, if you wish.

SVERDYSH Publishing House is absolutely FREE, money is not involved at all. It is self-explanatory, intuitive and very simple to use.