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Release Date:   2011-07-14

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OS:  Win 9x/ME/NT4/2K/XP/2K3

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Software Product Description

Safe XP allows users to quickly tweak various security and privacy related settings in XP. The options include Media Player settings, Services settings (error reporting, time synch, remote registry etc.), as well as and option to remove items from the Start menu, network security settings and more.

Safe XP improves your system performance and makes Windows to run faster, more secure and reliable! It is suitable for beginners and experts!


  • It allows you to take control of your PC.
  • Make Windows to run faster and more secure.
  • Protect your privacy and strength Internet protection.
  • Disable Spyware-like activities of Windows XP (also 2000&ME&98) Operating System, Media Player, Internet Explorer and Outlook.
  • Disable unnecessary Windows services like System updates, error reporting and much more...
  • Prevent Internet attacks, any RPC/DCOM related vulnerabilities and fix exploits like DSO.
  • Disable script-based attacks on Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer and Outlook.
  • Block Windows Messenger (spam) vulnerabilities.
  • Restrict the actions of potentially dangerous "HTA" (Hypertext Application) capabilities in any version of Windows.
  • It does not need any DLL or another file(s). It is just a single "EXE" file: SafeXP.exe
  • No installation necessary.


"Super boot!"

Reviewer: -Kamikaze Co-Pilot

Review Date: 2008-04-23

Pros: None

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Other Thoughts: I downloaded and tried this and all I can say is, this little tweaker does what it says it will do. My pc boots up super fast now and I haven't found any problems using it either. I've also noticed that my pc isn't using as much memory as before. - Nice one indeed!


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