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Release Date:   2002-01-15

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Software Product Description

SavingBot Shopper is a free online shopping tool which locates a better-priced product, discounts, bargains, and coupon information for various shopping malls.

Runs as a toolbar integrated with your browser and shows real time competitive prices of products selected. A Shopping guide to compare prices for the best deals on books (Hardcover, Paperback, Audio book, used book), music (a cassette tape, CD, MP3), movies (VHS, DVD), computers (Hardware, Software) and games (many different platform).

Shows key factors such as availability, shipping cost and sales tax from various international Internet brands and merchants. Offers free software that allows for simultaneous searches on online retailers, even will offer a variety of comparison shopping web sites in the next version.

SavingBot Shopper is a helpful personal shopping assistant. Will extend product and price comparison service to various international retailers and product categories including electronics, auctions and toys on the basis of meta search engine. Also offers review and save feature for products.

SavingBot Shopper tries to offer independent resources that help shoppers find quality, safe shops on the Web that best meet the internet, international shopper's needs. SavingBot Shopper searches over 100 retail websites for the best prices on 5 categories and around 5 countries. These retail websites are selected using criteria such as security, delivery, reputation, customer service, quality and site traffic.

SavingBot Shopper provides the user with an un-biased search. Special Features are Intelligent cognition of shopper's wish - As soon as you have clicked a product at an online store, it'll know what it is you want to buy. Automatic price comparison - Once it recognizes the product you want to buy, it will start to compare prices of the same item automatically.



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