ScanDL 1.23a      

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Release Date:   2002-07-21

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OS:  Win 9x/ME/2K/NT/XP

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Software Product Description

ScanDL is a program that helps you simplify downloading files from the Internet. It allows you to search HTML files automatically for links and construct a file list. You can determine what files the program searches for (e.g. only MP3 and ZIP files) and edit the found links at your desire. ScanDL supports nine download managers.

ScanDL in the latest version 1.21 gives you the following advantages which relieves you from downloading many files from the Internet:

  • automatically search for links in HTML files - you no longer need to click on each link to construct a download list for a download manager.
  • You can limit the search, e.g. to http links or to links of specified file endings.
  • mirrors are not saved as several links but as mirrors - as long as you have not set it differently.
  • complete support of ACE, ARJ, RAR and ZIP types
  • extensive opportunities to edit the found links: deletion of several links or all files of the same file type, automatical renaming of file endings (e.g. ".class" to ".mp3") and several chars (e.g. "_" to " ") of the files which will be downloaded - that saves you waste routine operations after downloading.
  • reading, editing and saving file lists as well as archiving those lists in HTML files
  • Clipboard management
  • Optionally find only new links
  • Search for dead links and remove them optionally and much more!



Reviewer: -freeroms

Review Date: 2006-07-30

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Other Thoughts: this is the best download manager there is and now it has got even better now its freeware...............................................


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