Scanmetender Standard 2.3      

Size:   5.9MB

License:   FREEWARE

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Release Date:   2005-07-15

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OS:  Windows XP

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Software Product Description

Scanmetender Standard is a multifunctional portscanner and security tool with everything you want. The keyword of Scanmetender Standard is "Customizability"! With many options you can set whether Scanmetender Standard has to show you only the open ports of your PC (open port view) or all ports and their access (Advanced view). You can change everything like the type of the portscan, the sockets interval, alarm and many many more!

You will also find three designs in the Style of Microsoft® Windows® XP (XP blue, XP silver, XP olive)! The Microsoft® Windows® XP Design has of courses the famous XP Sidebar of Microsoft® Windows® XP! You can also change the colors and the size of the fonts and menus in Scanmetender Standard! You can choose betwenn three languages: English, German, Hebrew! Support and many many more you will find on the Levenfus homepage!

Scanmetender Standard includes a very nice helpfile with many screenshoots and many many more! Of course Scanmetender Standard has a firewall configuration file that shows you how to close the ports of your PC in five little steps! The program also has tools with which you can resolve your local domain and IP and with that you can receive data from ports. Scanmetender Standard is a tool for everyone who has a firewall!