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Reviewed on June 27, 2018

ScreenMarker is a handy piece of software that lets you make annotations directly on your computer screen. It's light-weight and fully portable allowing you to take it with you to use on the go.

It's easy to use, just download and launch screenmarker.exe, and a small GUI will display at the top of your screen. Since it's small in size, the GUI 'stays on top' giving you quick and easy access to all of the tools.

ScreenMarker Tools

Highlighter - The highlighter tool functions as a natural highlighter and is available in multiple colors. To select a color, just click on the color you want in the user interface. You can also change the size of the highlighter tool by clicking one of the size icons on the GUI. There are a total of five various sizes from which you can choose.

Line Tool - This tool lets you draw lines in various sizes and colors. To change the line size and color, use the same procedure as the highlighter tool. You can draw lines from any location on your screen at any angle.

Rectangle Tools - There are two different rectangle tools. One is a 'full' rectangle, while the other one is an 'empty' rectangle. The full rectangle is a color-filled box of any size and color you choose. The empty rectangle will draw a rectangle without it being filled with a color. However, you can select the color and size of the line used to draw the rectangle itself.

Circle Tools - As with the rectangle tool, the circle tool includes a 'full' and 'empty' circle. Use the same method as the rectangle tool to draw full and empty circles of different sizes and colors. Also, the circle you draw can be oval in appearance or drawn as a perfectly shaped circle.

Eraser - The eraser does what its name implies. Erase all or part of a shape or annotation on the screen.

Delete - The delete function will delete all items presently drawn on your screen in one click.

Use ScreenMarker to facilitate your online or local presentations and demonstrations. Highlight essential data and enhance your presentations, demos, or any other task requiring your computer screen.

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Draw annotations and use shape tools of various sizes and colors on your PC screen.



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Other Thoughts: This is a very cool toy!!


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