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Release Date:   2016-02-08

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Keyboards with "fn" and "prt sc" keys make it easy to print content displayed on a computer screen. However, the process always prints the whole screen, and you must paste the captured screenshot onto a suitable program and save it. On the other hand, ScreenSnag removes the hassle by letting you choose exactly what you want to capture and save the image in a pre-defined format.

Using ScreenSnag

ScreenSnag has a simple user interface that allows users to set various options. It is divided into several sections, including Input, Output, Options and Profile. The GUI enabled us to access and configure various features integrated into the software with relative ease.

The Input section allowed us to choose the part of our desktop that we wanted to capture while the Output section let us choose whether to copy the screenshot to the clipboard or save it to a specified folder. We had the option to select our preferred image format and quality.

We could choose to capture the entire screen or a specified section and add different features, including caption, border, scale, timer, sound and cursor under Options. We could also use our default image editor to adjust the screenshot to suit our requirements.

Setting profiles allowed us to save our selected preferences so we could use them repeatedly without making adjustments each time.

At the bottom of the main program window are two large buttons marked Storage and Capture respectively. Clicking the Storage button opens the folder where you save screenshots while the capture button lets you start taking screenshots.

The program allowed us to activate the assigned keyboard combination to use in taking our desired screenshots, which made the process simple and convenient. Alternatively, we could use a click of the mouse. In addition, the integrated timer function allowed us to automatically take screenshots at specified intervals. This feature can come in handy in different circumstances. For example, you can use it to monitor what happens on your computer when you are away.


ScreenSnag is a simple and free screen capture program that anyone with basic computer knowledge can operate. The capture process basically involves three steps: choose the type of screenshot, select the type of output and then capture screenshots.

Software Product Description

ScreenSnag provides a quick and easy way to take a photo of your computer screen. Capture the entire screen, a region of the screen, a window, or an element on the window with a single hotkey or click.

You can also use Timer option to perform captures at intervals that you define. Save any combination of your preferences as a profile and make the capture process quicker and more efficient.


"Giant watermark. No preview."

Reviewer: -Greg Zeng

Review Date: 2015-10-01

Pros: "Free" keyboard triggers

Cons: GIANT WATERMARK across the top of the captured image. No preview before saving.

Other Thoughts: Windows 10 inbuilt "Snipping Tool" is far better.


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