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Release Date:   2011-06-15

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Software Product Description

Sculptris is a free, 3D digital sculpting program. Sculptris is small and focused at its main task, which is sculpting and painting models.


  • Crease - Draw creases or folds. Inverse will make a ridge.
  • Rotate - Rotate brush region. Click and drag outside the circle.
  • Scale - Scale brush region horizontally and vertically.
  • Draw - Draw/lift smooth features on the surface. Inverse will push down or draw holes.
  • Flatten - Push surface towards the local plane. Inverse will deform and amplify details.
  • Grab - Move a region freely in the image plane. No inverse.
  • Inflate - Expand in the direction of the surface. Inverse will deflate/contract.
  • Pinch - Squish the surface towards cursor, tightening creases and corners. Inverse will do the opposite.
  • Smooth - Soften features to make an area smoother and rounder. No inverse.
  • Reduce brush - Remove triangles to decrease mesh density in the area touched.

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Reviewer: -yet another artist

Review Date: 2010-10-21

Pros: Easy to use.

Cons: Can be slow at times.

Other Thoughts: This software comes closer to actually sculpting with clay than any other software I've found.


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