Secret Messager 1.0.0      

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Release Date:   2019-01-25

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OS:  Windows 7/8/8.1/10

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Reviewed on January 25, 2019

Hide a message in an image for your correspondent to unlock with the key you provide

Secret Messager is free encryption software which will enable you to encrypt your messages and keep the contents secret from prying eyes.

Encrypting is really the only way to ensure security online but until recently it could get complicated and involve a fair amount of time and work to accomplish - not ideal when we're talking a large amount of correspondence. Today, there are a number of applications available for preserving the privacy of messages. Using AES-256 encryption technology, Secret Messenger is one of the most efficient.

Do more than just write secret messages

While Secret Messenger does do "secret," it offers far more than simply encrypting messages. It provides you with the means to encrypt files before you send them, and simple decryption solutions for the people receiving either messages or files from you.

Download either the fully installable or the executable free encryption software and launch the simple interface. There are three tabs - Secret Messages, Secret Files and Secret Image in the toolbar at the top of the interface, the message creation area in the major portion of the window, the password input/generation and salt length boxes beneath it, and Encrypt and Decrypt buttons at the bottom.

Encrypting your message is as simple as opening the Secret Messages tab, writing the message in the 'Message' panel, creating a password and clicking the 'Encrypt' button. The encrypted message will display in the 'Results' panel.

Use the Secret Files tab to encrypt files on your computer by clicking the 'Add' button to upload them to the 'Paths' panel, and using the same password creation and encrypting procedure. Decrypt your Secret Messager encrypted files or any .AES encrypted files you receive, by uploading them to the 'Paths', inputting the password and hitting 'Decrypt.'

The third tab, Secret Image, allows you to select an image on your computer using the 'Add' button, write your secret message in the panel alongside, and click 'Encrypt' to hide it in a PNG version of the image.

Sending your secret message

Copy your encrypted message, attach the file or PNG image and send via email, social media or messaging app. Upon receipt of the password, your correspondent can decrypt the message. Depending on whether you have sent an encrypted message or an image, he/she can copy and paste the encrypted message in Secret Messager 'Message' or upload the image to the 'Single Image' panel, input the password and click 'Decrypt.'

Secret Messager is a very safe AES encryption utility, compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 that, in addition to encrypting messages you want to remain private, has the ability to hide them in images. The added value in having the capability to encrypt files for safe storage on your system or sharing results in Secret Messager being a very useful addition to your Windows system.

Software Product Description

Encrypt files and messages before you send them.