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Reviewed on May 03, 2018

PDF documents are easy to read, which makes them ideal for creating final copies of important documents. Moreover, PDF documents always maintain their formatting. While those two features make PDF files indispensable, they lack an advanced security feature. Which is why Secret PDF, free software designed to protect PDF documents, may interest you.

The software allows you to encrypt your PDF files and limit their usage to only one computer. This feature gives them layered security and assures you that official documents will only be accessed within the office or by a few people.

The layered security feature protects your important documents from being shared, copied, or edited without authorization. Secret PDF does not fail like conventional methods used to secure documents such as access-passwords, which fail when access-password cracking software is used. It relies on three levels of security to make it resistant to brute force threats.


The software allows you to choose a strong password that will be used when accessing a particular document. However, that is only the first step it takes to protect your PDF documents.

Local Key

The next step is the auto-generation of a local key used to identify a computer. Without this local key, the PDF will not open, and it will remain closed unless the key is verified.


Lastly, the password is not stored in clear text but is encrypted using RSA encryption and Random encryption. The two processes make it a lot more difficult to crack the password using brute force, even when using high-powered computers.

Built-in PDF Viewer

One of the vulnerabilities that most software use is the permission files give them to display their content. Secret PDF does not do that. Instead, it uses its built-in PDF viewer to display its PDF files.


Secret PDF can open all versions of Adobe PDF files, which eliminates the need to do any conversion before you secure your PDFs.

A Secure Software for Protecting PDF Document

Overall, Secret PDF offers you next-generation security and protection for your PDF files, and it also allows an authorized individual to securely view protected PDF files. Moreover, you may use it to enforce strict document sharing policies.

Therefore, it helps you to protect your business ideas, patent ideas, and projects. If you are looking for software to protect PDF documents, Secret PDF is definitely worth trying.

Software Product Description

Encrypt and secure your important PDF files.