Advertisement Website Promotion Survival Kit      

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Release Date:   2005-08-11

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Software Product Description

This ebook in Win EXE format, contains articles and tutorials on website promotion, search engines, top rankings, tips, keywords, relevancy, google, yahoo, msn, news, open source marketing plan, etc.

The ebook is ideal for website owners, webmasters or potential website owners to provide an array of website promotion tools to complement other traditional promotion methods (for example advertising).

This free version contains sponsored ads while the paid version contains no ads and extra explanatory original materials not published anywhere.


  • Introduction
  • A Gentle Introduction to Cryptography
  • Tired of Making Huge Losses in the Stock Market
  • Search Engine Wars - a Different Perspective
  • An ant watching giants fight (Google vs. Microsoft)
  • The hard truths on writing free-reprint articles
  • Free requotable quotes for internet writers
  • Writing Free-reprint Articles For Newbies, Techies
  • How You Can Get a #1 Ranking for Your Website Name within Thirty Days
  • Marketing Plan for Joe Nogood Gift Store
  • Results of Open Source Marketing Plan after 2 Months
  • Joe Nogood Becomes President in Landslide Victory
  • An Ant Watching Giants Fight Part 2 (Google vs. Yahoo vs. Microsoft)
  • Almost Everything You Want to Know About Google