Server2Go - 1.5.0      

Size:  16-50MB

License:   FREE

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Release Date:   2007-09-14

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OS:  Win 98/ME/NT/2K/XP

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Software Product Description

Server2Go is a Webserver that runs out of box without any installation. That means it is a webserver that can run directly from cdrom, usb stick or from any folder on harddisk.

Server2Go allows you to create a standalone working web site or PHP application on a CD-ROM. Server2Go was primary developed for the usage on CD-ROM but there is no problem use it from other drives too. Using a web browser, a user can run php programs as well as view html files on the CD-ROM. He only need to insert a CD with Server2Go under the supported Windows operations systems. The server starts automaticly and opens a browser with the Website of the CD-ROM.

Server2Go was build to replace a tool called WampOnCD that lacks some important features and isn't activly developed.

Server2Go supports PHP5, SQLite and MySQL.


  • Free! No royalties
  • Complete WAMPP Server
  • Runs directly from CD-ROM, USB Stick or Harddisk without installation
  • Full featured webserver (based on apache)
  • PHP 5.1.4 support with many extensions installed (i.e. gd)
  • Supports SQLite databases
  • Running on all Windows Win 98 and newer
  • Support for MySQL Databases
  • Supports many PHP extensions (GD-Lib, PDO...) by default
  • Support for Perl 5.8

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