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Release Date:   2018-08-25

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Reviewed on June 25, 2018

Download free ShapeX - a quick and unique image collage generator

The days of needing to invest in expensive photo editing software before you could tell a story, or just make a pretty display, with a collage of your photographs are long gone. Today, there are a many online image collage generators to choose from, some even provided free by the originators of those expensive image editing programs. Free, downloadable applications that you can use on your own computer, or carry with you to use elsewhere, are less numerous. ShapeX is a new, free, downloadable image collage generator that provides you with a large selection of fun masks for you to use to make unique and distinctive collages with your photos.

Creating one-of-a-kind collages with ShapeX is fun and fast, and you're provided with a number of tools to enhance your photographs, too. You can make collages in the shape of animals, numbers, words and many other objects and then experiment with changing the amount, size and orientation of your images and the borders between and around them. You can then save your collage as a JPG or PNG image to print or share socially.

Simple, fast, easy-to-use-interface

Completely self-explanatory, ShapeX's graphic user interface gives an immediate impression of its easily discernible operation. Easily understood icons inhabit both the menu bar and the right-hand tool sidebar. A panel at left displays your images. Upon launch, buttons in the workspace give you the option of loading a folder of pictures or loading the incorporated ones to initially experiment with and explore the program.

Check out the various masks provided

The different categories of masks are available from a bar beneath the workspace - shapes, animals, skulls, etc. Alternatively, you can create a mask of your own from an image or text created with one of the many fonts installed on your computer.

Select a style from one of the four buttons on the menu bar - random, squares, circles or hexagons. Choose a mask, and your images will be tumbled into it. From there, you go to the tools in the right-hand panel to adjust the size of the borders between the images and the menu bar tools to increase or decrease the size of the images, zoom in or out, remove borders, add a shadow, etc. There are buttons at bottom right of the workspace to change the background color.

Have fun creating personalized gifts with the ShapeX image collage generator

While there are many online and downloadable utilities for making collages, ShapeX, with its focus on shape, brings you a different approach and one that is quick and simple to use. You'll find just experimenting with its range of shapes and tools so fascinating that you'll lose track of time. However, once you've thoroughly familiarized yourself with everything, you'll appreciate this unique resource for quickly creating and sharing your image collages with a very personalized approach.

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Give some shape to your photo collages!