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We can bet with confidence that you need to share some files with others at least once in a while. Some of these files are so large that you cannot send them as e-mail attachments. The alternative services to e-mail usually require you to create an account, and more often than not, the recipient also needs to have an account with the same service. Thankfully, ShareByLink gives you an easy way of sharing files online.

Using ShareByLink

The program featured a small and simple graphical user interface that allowed us to upload files easily and receive their respective download links in a matter of seconds. We accomplished the tasks in two simple steps.

We added the files we wanted to share using the drag-and-drop feature, and their names including full paths appeared on the application window. The next step involved clicking the 'Upload & Make Link' button.

The program then displayed a pop-up window showing the progress of the upload process and displaying the download link, which was automatically copied to the Clipboard. The window also showed us that the link would be available for 30 days, which was far longer than the duration other services gave.

We did not have to launch ShareByLink first and upload files as already described. The program fully integrated with the context menu, which meant we could upload files by right-clicking on them and selecting the appropriate option. The pop-up window described above then appeared.

We could share links even before the upload process was complete because the software streamed files directly from our computer. The technology enabled us to share large files without waiting for their upload process to complete, which was especially important when we wanted to share a file quickly.

On the lower right corner of the application window was a link marked 'Expert Settings,' which opened the settings window where we could make a few configurations. The settings editor featured two tabs respectively named 'host' and 'Configuration.'

The 'host' tab displayed the URL where files were hosted online. Users with relevant technical skills can customize the software to use their own servers for sharing files. The 'Configuration' tab let us specify our company name as well as username and password, which were optional.


ShareByLink is an intuitive program that gives you the opportunity to share large files quickly while they are still streaming from your computer. The software gives and copies a download link to the Clipboard while a file is still uploading. Neither you nor the recipient needs an account, but you may need a username and password if you are using a custom script.

Software Product Description

ShareByLink is an easy way to share files. Just right-click them in Windows Explorer to create a short sharing link. You can also set up your own private file sharing server. (By default, the file is uploaded to the ShareByLink cloud servers.) ShareByLink is open-source.