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Release Date:   2003-06-11

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OS:  Win 98/ME/2K/NT/XP

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SheerPower 4GL -- Beyond BASIC is an easy to use and easy to learn language with a complete high-speed CGI interface to Microsoft's IIS server. Create sexy Web-based applications in a snap. Impress yourself. Impress your friends. Download SheerPower 4GL today. It's FREE!

SheerPower 4GL is the Next Generation Programming Language for Windows. Novices, hobbyists and professionals all benefit from using SheerPower 4GL.

It's unique programming language capabilities make it the ideal general-purpose language for application development, ensuring high programmer productivity. Most programmers are writing SheerPower 4GL applications within a few hours.

SheerPower is a full development language, but shares many advantages with scripting languages, such as ultra-fast development speeds and ease of learning the language. SheerPower can be used to write programs of any size, from simple-input programs to vast database applications.

The SheerPower language promotes structured programming, includes simple statements for complex data manipulation as well as advanced extensions allowing technical programmers to develop large, professional applications with ease and compiles into highly efficient,cross-platform portable, "p-code," which is similar to that produced by the popular JAVA language.

SheerPower 4GL automatically takes care of tedious programming tasks, such as complex menus, dialog boxes and database access, memory allocation and deallocation, reporting typcial programming errors, math rounding (precision) problems and getting data from the Internet.


Reviewer: -Gene

Review Date: 2005-01-25

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Other Thoughts: This is a mature and professional product which performs quite well.


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