Shopbook 4.58      

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Release Date:   2021-04-02

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OS:  Windows 7/8/8.1/10

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Reviewed on October 17, 2019

Includes inventory control, barcode generator and all services required in running a business.

Shopbook is a complete accounting application suitable for all small business applications whether retail or wholesale, production or service operations.

While it is designed for anybody - whether or not they have prior knowledge of accounting - it probably is best to have some idea of the fundamentals of bookkeeping before you get started. However, an interactive online tutorial is available to guide you through the process.

Shopbook runs on any computer with Microsoft Access installed

Built to perform accounting tasks based on database software, Shopbook requires Microsoft Access to be installed. The free accounting software does not require installation itself.

Download and unzip Shopbook, then open the Shopbook folder. If you have Microsoft Access installed on your system, you can just double click Shopbook file to launch the application.

Upon the first time launch of Shopbook, use Admin and 12345 (these defaults can be changed the next time you open the application) to open the Keyboard. This is a popup window which provides buttons to access to all data entry modules of the program. The Contacts button in the middle of the Keyboard is the best place to start in most cases. Here you can set up all your Vendor and Customer details.

The Admin button also enables you to set up account users and access levels and there's a Branch button to enable branch report limitations to be set if required. The Admin menu also provides access to open signature forms that restrict any further editing of vouchers, invoices, and orders to Admin Access.

Order and Invoice boxes at either side of the Branch button, provide access to individual orders and invoices in popup windows. These can also be print-previewed using the Preview button on the toolbar.

Working with Shopbook

Data entry is basically working with a table - filling in the required information and numbers. Materials coding is set up via the Purchase Register prior to purchases being entered providing for inventory control. From there on, the Sales, Payment and Receipt modules can be employed. All registers are all available from the Keyboard.

Statements and Reports are accessed via the Statement button. Button access is then provided to the following:

  • Sales Statement
  • Purchase Statement
  • Stock Update
  • Stray Stock
  • Sales Tax
  • Purchase Tax
  • Day Book and Year Book
  • Item List
  • Price List

The Ledger Button enables you to take off customizable financial and other business operating statements.

The free accounting software facilitates a toolbar which updates to display only the tools you require for the module being accessed. Keyboard shortcuts are available, too. Sample data is included for set up and operational guidance. This can be removed once you have your business details and information set up. Shopbook free accounting software is easy to use and easily adaptable to most businesses.

Software Product Description

Free accounting software for small business.