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Release Date:   2016-09-09

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Software Product Description

Showboard is a handy application that acts as your diary, reminder, appointment setter and any other thing you need to make your life more organized. The program features tabs for accessing its functions, with the current date and time prominently displayed above the tabs.

The first tab lets you type a reminder, which will be displayed whenever you click on the tab. There are five tabs named LIST_1 to LIST_5, but you can modify the names from the 'Configure' tab. Other things you can configure include lists text size, log text size, text color, background color and font choice.

You can either type what you want directly onto a list tab or append a text file. To append a text file, open the 'Include' tab and then click the check box next to the name of the list where you want to add information and then browse for the text file by clicking the 'Append File' button. The text in the file will automatically appear on the appropriate list tab. Click on the tab to display the information.

You can use the 'Include' tab to add whatever you want in any list. To add an item to a list, simply mark the check box next to the required list and then click the item you want to add.

The 'Search' tab lets you search for and display information from any of the list tabs as well as 'Show' and 'Include' tabs. Select the tab you want to search to display its details and the keyword you are looking for. The program will display the number of matches in the highlighted entry. Please note that it treats each line as a separate entry.

You may log all items before you delete them from the lists. You can also print lists and logs.