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Microsoft has designed Windows 10 in a way that gives users customized experience based on their respective personal data. The operating system also wants to give the users a hassle-free experience where they do not have to confirm many security notices. Different applications and services access different types of information such as calendar entries, location, keyboard entries and WLAN access data. Unfortunately, this combination leads to the collection of more information than many people are comfortable with.

Thankfully, you can use ShutUp10 to control what you want Windows 10 to collect and what you would not like to share. The portable application developed by O&O Software simplifies the process of configuring privacy and other security settings in Windows 10.

Using ShutUp10

ShutUp10 is a lightweight application that does not require installation. You just save it in your desired destination from where you launch it directly. Please note that the software is only compatible with Windows 10, and it requires Microsoft .NET Framework. You also need to run it with administrator privileges.

Launching the application reveals a simple graphic user interface that lists about 50 items you can turn off and on. The options are grouped into various categories, including security, privacy, location services, user behavior and Windows update.

The program provides the option to create a system restore point, which is recommended before you make any change. It also allows you to undo your changes and return your system to its factory settings.

You can basically apply all recommended settings, recommended and limited recommended settings or all settings. The first option disables the greatest security risks at the click of a button, including telemetry features, SmartScreen and peer-to-peer updates. The second and third options respectively allow you to tweak individual settings and turn everything off.

The listed options do not provide much information, and you may not be sure what a certain option does. However, clicking on an option reveals more details about it.

If you do not understand what the "Disable password reveal button" means, for example, clicking on it displays more information explaining that clicking the eye symbol displays entered passwords for a couple of seconds to let you verify their correctness. If you do not want to risk someone looking at your monitor from a vantage position seeing what is revealed, you can deactivate the function.

ShutUp10 applies the changes you make immediately without requiring you to restart your computer.


ShutUp10 makes it easy for people without IT knowledge to control privacy and other security settings on Windows 10. You can use it with confidence because it allows you to create a restore point and reset your system to the original configuration.

Software Product Description

O&O ShutUp10 means you have full control over which comfort functions under Windows 10 you wish to use, and you decide when the passing on of your data goes too far.


"Outstanding Software"

Reviewer: -James Joyce

Review Date: 2017-04-12

Pros: Updated often. Prominent warning and explanation of what a particular setting will change.

Cons: A little confusion as to the settings on/off color scheme. Just remember that green is on, or is that off, no... it's on, working as intended I mean. ;)

Other Thoughts: Windows 10 is software as a service. You're computer use statistics/habits are more valuable to MS than selling you an operating system. Why do you think they give it away for free? Throw at least a little monkey wrench into their nonsense by running this type of software. But please remember this software only stops some of the spying, not all.


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