SidePipe v1.0      

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Release Date:   2001-11-01

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OS:  Win 98/ME/2K/NT/XP

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Software Product Description

SidePipe is a browser enhancement technology and is used to create WebPipes. A WebPipe merges the functionality of web sites with the power and reach of web portals to create personalized channels of Internet information specific to users interests and/or needs. Each customized channel in essence creates a unique Personal Internet Portal Environment or "PIPE."

Use the link below to learn more about SidePipe:

The Company's core WebPipe product is FREE and combines the essential Internet tools of live interactive browsing and navigation, bookmarking favorites, email, chatting and message board discussions into one solution that can be viewed with the simplicity of a slide show.

The SidePipe is only required for WebPipe authoring. Anyone with a web browser can review a resulting WebPipe. WebPipe software is required for PIPE creation only and is a tiny 2K file that automatically installs with one click in typically less than 30 seconds.

The ability to create personalized Internet portals of information is powerful by itself, but WebPipe's strength is in its simplicity.

WebPipes enable browsing, data retrieval, real-time communications, online community development as well as electronic information exchange with family, friends, business associcates, school mates, etc. with basic point and click efficiency.

Novice Internet users appreciate the streamlined, friendly user interface (not too many confusing features and buttons to choose from). High-end users appreciate the enormous reach, content management and collaborative features the technology offers.

WebPipe represents a seamless merging of the Internet's best tools into the most efficient one source multi-tool, multi-browsing environment.

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