What's New in version 4.3.60:

New and Changes:

  • Added Alt+O keyboard shortcut to open shortcuts' file location (target path). This keyboard shortcut is useful to open the path of shortcuts when using the Keyboard Launcher.
  • Add Reminder dialog: The +/- buttons to add/subtract minutes to/from the time now change the reminder's time by 5 minutes (previously it was 10).
  • You can now open multiple files from the Windows Explorer (Desktop, etc) with a shortcut within SideSlide by dragging the files from Explorer over the shortcut in the workspace.


  • Random program crash when expanding shrunken containers.
  • Dragging a shortcut by its icon and dropping it on its own label moved the shortcut even when the workspace was locked for editing.
  • Command line arguments help screen (running: 'sideslide.exe /?') was incorrectly formatted.
  • Fixed 'losing' the workspace (or, workspace becomes transparent) when changing resolution, screen orientation, moving the taskbar across the screen or connecting/disconnecting an external monitor (when Dock >> Size >> Normal is used). The workspace will now be centered so you can easily reposition it.

What's New in version 4.3.00:

  • Completely redesigned Settings & Appearance Dialog. It's now much easier to review and change the program's settings by selecting the desired section from the list on the left-hand side of the dialog and then the options on the right-hand side.
  • Refresh RSS using Shift + Left Click on the container title or icon (when the container is shrunk).

What's New in version 4.2.90:

New and Changes:

  • New Themes: Dark Order/ Blue Order/ Techno Brown/ Techno Blue (including wallpapers, title-bar buttons and colors).
  • New Color theme/buttons: Modern Dark.
  • Removed legacy option/check-box 'Expand to Center' from the Settings dialog for shrunken containers. Expand to Center is now the default.
  • Other misc. minor dialog design changes and others.

Multiple changes to containers' tooltip making this feature much more useful:

  • What it is: Container tooltips show up when the mouse hovers over the container icon when shrunk or title when folded to see information about items within the container (shortcuts, RSS headlines, notes, etc).
  • The mouse handling tips on how to control the container with the mouse (expand, shrink, move, etc) have been moved to the bottom of the tooltip, and can now be completely hidden from the new drop down list on the right of the Tooltip check box in the Settings dialog.
  • Switch to 'Info' from the drop down list once you are familiar with the various ways of controlling containers with the mouse.
  • Other misc. minor changes to the way the tips are displayed.


  • Double clicking a non-existing picture shortcut to open the Shortcut Properties dialog could have crashed the program.
  • 'Auto Expand: Long' (delay before the container expands on mouse move) did not work properly plus some other fixes to the auto-expand functionality.
  • Adding a new URL (New >> Web URL) could have positioned the web shortcut in the wrong place on the workspace/container.
  • Display change (changing resolution/starting a game) made the workspace visible even when it was supposed to remain hidden (Hide Workspace selected from the System Tray icon).
  • Hide Workspace didn't work when docking border size Normal and Small were selected.
  • Other misc. minor fixes.

What's New in version 4.2.80:

New and Changes:

  • Added a new right-click menu to the Lock/Unlock Workspace for Editing button (top right corner of the workspace, next to the Dock button). You can now select between locking the movement of all objects in the workspace or only shortcuts.
  • Added setting 'Start Web Search on Spacebar' under the Keyboard Navigation/Web Search section in the Settings dialog. Selecting this option will cause any input in the Keyboard Launcher that includes a space character to start a web search, as opposed to entering 's ' + search query. Omitting the space will look for workspace shortcuts instead.
  • When a single shortcut is selected and it's inside a container, the container's name will be shown in square brackets (in the workspace title-bar). This is useful when using the Keyboard Launcher to find shortcuts that are inside shrunken containers.
  • Added a new command to the shortcuts' right-click menu: 'Command Prompt' below the 'Open File Location' menu item. This will open the command prompt in the location of the shortcut's root folder.
  • Added 'Keyboard Launcher' menu item to the main workspace menu to show the keyboard launcher using the mouse.
  • Added 'What's New' link to the Container library dialog (performs the same action when leaving the search field empty and pressing enter/clicking the Go button)
  • RSS News Feeds Subject Tracker: When a subject is found and an headline is highlighted, the RSS News Feed container small RSS icon (the icon drawn on top of the container icon to indicate it's an RSS container) will change into green, to indicate that subjects you are tracking were found, in case the container is shrunk when refreshed.
  • RSS Viewer toolbar buttons are now at the top of the window and the RSS selector is the first item from the left (replacing the refresh button).
  • Other misc. minor changes.


  • Launching shortcuts at startup from the #STARTUP container caused the workspace to collapse to a Large docking border size when Normal or Small were selected.
  • The Target Path ('Start in') was ignored when adding shortcuts from the Windows Explorer (Desktop, etc) to the workspace.
  • RSS Subject Tracker >> Add (to add a new subject to track) and other input dialogs didn't always accept all input.

What's New in version 4.2.50:

Enhanced reminders functionality:

  • New setting 'Repeat Reminder' under the Settings dialog. Select this option to keep the reminder alert going for 10 times every 3 seconds, unless you snooze or mark it as complete.
  • Quickly create red (important) reminders by including ** (two asterisks) in the reminder's text.
  • The reminder notification dialog is now bigger and easier to dismiss/change with the mouse or touch.
  • Reminder options 'Edit' and 'Delete' renamed as 'Open' and 'Complete'.
  • A tooltip has been added to the reminder notification title in case the reminder name is too long to be fully visible.
  • An additional alarm sound can be downloaded from here.
  • Pretty small but significant UI change: New setting: Expand to Center (selected by default). Shrunk containers in the center of the workspace will expand to the center instead of to the right-hand side, as long as they remain fully visible once expanded. Deselect this option to revert to the previous behavior.
  • Remember: You can shrink containers back by double-clicking an empty space between the shortcuts or headlines (in RSS containers). RSS containers can also be shrunk back using the right mouse button.


  • Shrinking containers by double-clicking on an empty space inside could have caused a container or a shortcut below to move.

What's New in version 4.2.00:

New and Changes:

Enhanced keyboard functionality:

  • New KB Launcher command: Quick Reminder. Enter 'r ' followed by a value (minute) from 0 to 99 and then the reminder text. Example: 'r 10 feed Charlie' (set a 10 minute reminder).
  • Added the ability to, both, select shortcuts using [Shift] + [Arrow Keys] and move them across the workspace or within a container by holding down the [Ctrl] key. This new feature is especially useful to make small adjustments that are harder to do with the mouse.
  • Ctrl+Enter: Run the selected shortcut as administrator.
  • Ctrl+Number Speed Launch now also works to launch a shortcut when the Keyboard Launcher is visible.
  • New option under the Shortcut Properties dialog: Prompt for Parameters. Selecting this option will always prompt for parameters before launching the selected shortcut. Any parameters already selected for the shortcut will appear in the message prompt and you can also ignore them altogether.
  • Reminders: Added the ability to choose a custom background color for the reminder from within the Add Reminder dialog. Reminder: You can always change a reminder's colors by right-clicking it.
  • Adding a new RSS feed does no longer check the validity of the URL using the built-in Windows function (if it fails, it fails) so you can now, for example, add Twitter feeds using
  • New 'Web Search' command added to the shortcut's right-click menu to open the selected search engine and search the shortcut's name.
  • Faster startup speed: Removed a Windows native function that that determines if a file exists before the shortcut's icon is drawn. This should slightly improve the loading speed when most of the files in the workspace exist on the local disk. It's best to place shortcuts to network files/folders in a container and not the workspace to improve startup speed.
  • When using the Keyboard Launcher, shortcuts in network locations will now be displayed using a generic icon to improve speed.
  • Undo/Redo buffer increased to 100.
  • Added user's Desktop and Start Menu Programs shortcuts to new installations.
  • New title-bar button theme: Dots - For black background.
  • New 'missing shortcut' icons.
  • Changed default font for new installation to 'Segoe UI'.
  • Misc. minor GUI adjustments and other small changes.


  • When the screen resolution or orientation is changed, the workspace will now center and dock again.
  • Creating new objects from the Keyboard Launcher (a new note or a reminder) or using a hotkeys (Ctrl+T, Ctrl+E, Ctrl+R, Ctrl+P; when undocking the workspace using the Global Hotkey) could have positioned them outside the visible workspace.
  • Crash when deleting reminders from the reminder popup window after clearing the workspace.
  • Wasn't working in a few of the last versions: When a single shortcut is selected, its name will now appear in the titlebar.
  • Menu key/Shift+F10 now correctly shows the menu for the workspace or selected shortcuts.
  • The shortcut Mini-toolbar is now closed when using the arrow keys to select shortcuts.
  • Other misc. minor fixes.

What's New in version 3.9.00:

New and Changes:

  • New menu option, 'Lock Size/Position', added to the Position menu: Selecting this option will lock the workspace position and size and you will not be able to move it via the titlebar or resize it. This is especially useful when undocking the workspace with the finger while working in tablet mode.
  • Scroll RSS containers with your finger (on touch enabled devices) or by dragging the mouse pointer over the news feed (besides of using the mouse wheel/scrollbar).
  • Added a new 'Darker' option when selecting a color for selected shortcuts based on the color of the shortcut's icon (from the Shortcut Mini-toolbar). There are now two options to choose from: Darker and Lighter.
  • The menu options: Online Tour, Check for Updates, Backup and About are not located under the new Help sub-menu (Workspace right-click menu).
  • Verify Shortcuts (Arrange menu command): Shortcuts with a custom existing icons are now considered to be valid. Select custom icons to shortcuts on removable media and the Verify Shortcuts command will consider these to be valid even when the media is not present.
  • Ctrl+C is now used to copy shortcuts to the clipboard and paste them in different containers/workspace (Ctrl+V or via the right click menu).
  • Changed the keyboard command for creating new containers from Ctrl+C to Ctrl+T.
  • Added shortcut parameters (if available) to the tooltip (when hovering over the shortcut with the mouse).
  • The shortcut tooltip now displays the entire path to the file, including the file's name, and no longer shows the shortcut's label.
  • The shortcut tooltip now shows more information in each line.
  • Added '/backup' command line option to backup SideSlide settings into a zip file (located in SideSlide's settings folder). Use this command to automate SideSlide backup from within a scheduled task or a 3rd party backup software. Suppress the 'backup complete' dialog by using the '/silent' command line parameter: '...SideSlide>SideSlide /backup /silent'.
  • Launching SideSlide with the question mark ('/?') command line parameter will now show the available commands and exit the program.
  • Removed 'Shrink/Expand All' and 'Fold/Unfold All' Arrange menu options. Those were very old functions from before SideSlide v1 which probably aren't used by anyone anymore (I hope).
  • Minor adjustment to the location of the container's Fold/Unfold button.
  • New default toolbar buttons ('Modern').
  • Other misc. minor changes.


  • Detached containers disappeared when trying to attach them back to the workspace when the 'Enable Fade-out' option was unselected.
  • Container could accidently move when using the finger to shrink/expand them while the workspace was locked for editing.
  • Fixed a problem that could have prevented exposing the workspace when it was docked to the bottom or the right side of the screen.
  • Using Ctrl+V to paste files from different containers or the workspace instead of the right-click menu option could produce undesired results.
  • Shortcut comment wasn't showing when hovering over the shortcut with the mouse.

What's New in version 3.5.16:

New and Changes:

  • Added two new commands to the Shortcut Right-click menu:
    • 'Override Parameters Field' to start the selected shortcut without any specified parameters (you can specify additional parameters to a shortcut via the Shortcut Properties dialog).
    • 'Run as administrator...' (overrides the 'Administrator' setting for selected shortcuts).
  • Use a container icon from a relative path (when SideSlide is running from a USB drive): Once you choose an icon for the container (Right-click a container and select 'Choose Icon...'), you will be given the option to use a relative path for the file the icon is taken from.
  • The option to add RSS containers to the online library has been restored.


  • Containers may not be properly restored to their original location on program start.
  • A warning is shown when the selected Global Hotkey is already in use when the program starts (The Settings dialog will be loaded allowing you to select a different key combination).

What's New in version 3.0.03:

  • NEW: Added the ability to set the container note font size (see 'Note font size' under the container right click menu).
  • NEW: New option 'Confirm Open with...': Set whether or not a confirmation is required when starting shortcuts with others as command line arguments (drag a shortcut icon on top of another shortcut label).
  • CHANGE: New About/Splash screen.
  • CHANGE: Shortcut tooltip now includes shortcut tags and Tag Start indication.
  • CHANGE: Can now drag shortcut icons and drop them on top of other shortcut labels to use as command line arguments even when the workspace is locked for editing.
  • CHANGE: Same menu options for shortcuts and containers when the workspace is locked for editing (you still need to unlock the workspace if you want to rearrange objects).
  • CHANGE: Removed confirmation for container alignments.
  • CHANGE: The tag asterisk symbol that was visible when the mouse is on top of a shortcut icon is no longer visible by default (use the settings dialog to toggle).
  • CHANGE: Detached shortcuts container now hides when you dbl-click an empty area inside the container.
  • CHANGE: When using the right-click menu option Start Selected, the shortcut will not be launched with the Tag Start option even if it is selected for that particular shortcut.
  • CHANGE: Some adjustments to mouse sensitivity.
  • FIX: Launching a shortcut that is set to Tag Start from a detached container crashed the program.
  • FIX: The shortcut properties dialog was shown for the wrong shortcut when launching multiple shortcuts at once when there was an error opening one of the shortcuts.
  • FIX: Wrong shortcut selected in the properties dialog when launching a non-existing shortcut from detached containers.
  • FIX: Problem which prevented the workspace from collapsing when pressing the Esc key.
  • FIX: Workspace did not collapse when launching shortcuts with other as command line arguments (drag and drop shortcut icon on top of another shortcut label).
  • FIX: Right click menu items that are not applicable for command line shortcuts are now hidden.
  • FIX: Launching shortcuts with others as command line argument is now disabled when dragging shortcut icons on top of command line shortcuts.
  • FIX: Choosing container icon didn't work for multiple selected containers.
  • FIX: Entering an RSS container name with the keyboard did not expand shrunken RSS containers.
  • FIX: Appearance tab: Color theme didn't change when using the keyboard.
  • FIX: Problem extracting correct name when adding shortcuts to computer disk drives.
  • FIX: Some problems with the keyboard navigation functionality.
  • FIX: Wrong tooltip for command line shortcuts in detached containers.
  • Other misc. minor changes and fixes.

What's New in version 3.0.00b5:

  • NEW: When launching a shortcut that doesn't physically exist the properties dialog that pops up will now let you save the changes and open the shortcut again ('Save and open' button).
  • NEW: Added Delete command to the shortcut mini-toolbar.
  • CHANGE: The shortcut mini-toolbar is made visible when the workspace is locked, shortcuts are selected and clicking the Lock button that allows you to unlock the workspace for 10 seconds.
  • CHANGE: The word "Tag" will appear before the shortcut's name when using the keyboard to launch a shortcut that is set to Tag start (start other shortcuts that share the same tag automatically).
  • CHANGE: When removing a single shortcut, the shortcut's name will be displayed in the confirmation dialog.
  • CHANGE: When removing a single container, the container's name will be displayed in the confirmation dialog.
  • CHANGE: Online Library: The option to add new RSS containers to the online library has been restored. The option to add other types of containers (Shortcuts and Notes) is disabled at this time.
  • FIX: Wrong tooltip for the Bold checkbox in the shortcut properties dialog.
  • FIX: Installer: Will no longer install demo containers when upgrading from previous versions.
  • FIX: Wrong tooltip for system command shortcuts.
  • A few other minor changes.