Simple Text to Speech for Windows 1.0.1      

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Release Date:   2017-02-23

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Reviewed on February 23, 2017

Do you have to use an unnecessarily large text to speech program that adds bells and whistles that you are not interested in? Then consider Simple Text to Speech for Windows, a lightweight application that also supports reading multiple languages. The portable software uses the speech synthesizer that is already installed on your computer.

Using Simple Text to Speech for Windows

We simply double-clicked the application to launch it, opening a plain graphical user interface with controls on the upper part and text box on the lower section. At the top-most part, it had buttons for reading and stopping reading text appearing in the text box as well as another button for saving the audio as a WAV file. We could also change the desired reading speed, with the default being 0. The minimum speed was -10 while the maximum was 10.

Below those buttons was a drop-down list where we selected the voice installed on our system. If you have only one voice installed, then you cannot change it although there is a button that displays information on how to get more voices.

We pasted the text that we wanted Simple Text to Speech for Windows to read in the text box. The application started reading the text as soon as we clicked the "Read Text" button using the selected voice.

When we wanted to save audio, we selected the destination and entered the desired filename in the dialog window that appeared. We then clicked the save button. We tried saving contents of different sizes up to about 5000 words. The application saved audio equally fast irrespective of the content size.


Simple Text to Speech for Windows is a lightweight and portable application for reading text appearing in its text box. It uses voices already installed on the computer and can save audio in WAV format using the selected voice. The application is very lightweight and has limited features. For example, you cannot pause and resume playback. When you stop and start, it always starts from the beginning of text.

Software Product Description

A simple, portable text to speech program. It uses Voice/Speech Synthesizer installed in Windows.

Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.