Site Popularity Meter 2.0      

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Release Date:   2006-04-01

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Software Product Description

Site Popularity Meter is an application that helps you find how your site compares with that of your competitors.

Site Popularity Meter retrieves this information from Alexa and provides it in a clean tabular display. Simply type in the URL, click Go and the software will retrieve the ranking and the number of Alexa visits. All information is displayed in a nice table. You can right click within the list for various options. You may click on the list headings to sort the list (rank wise, site wise, etc.)

Site Popularity Meter simply connects to the Alexa website and retrieves a web page from it. It is safe to use and doesn?t monitor any activity on your own system. You need not install Alexa in your system to use this software. However installing Alexa will allow you to instantly see the popularity of every site you visit. You might want to visit the Alexa website (Alexa.Com) for more information.


  • See how popular your competitors are.
  • Plan your web site promotional efforts more efficiently.
  • Check usefulness of an advertisement campaign on a particular site.
  • Find sites that are useful to you for link swapping.